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Beginner Bombshells

The Blond Bomber discusses the biggest novice mistakes

1) Jumping into training without a clue. That worked for me and prehistoric man, but picking up some basic knowledge from an honest-to-goodness coach, whether a friend or a professional, is not a bad idea. Get the basics down and start pounding away, learning as you go with focus and self-awareness. Once you learn exercise basics’muscle action and muscle grouping, sets and reps’your mistakes will become your guide.

2) Not working legs. Another way of saying it: Newbies don’t do squats, the single most important builder of the body. Get with it.

3) Not addressing the training component of sound nutrition and right eating. The basics: lots of protein, breakfast, frequent feedings, vitamins and minerals, lots of water and no junk food. You are what you eat.

4) Expecting too much too soon and giving in to disappointment. Not giving the training a chance and thus not applying or developing discipline, patience and perseverance’or muscle and might.

5) Doing bench presses that are too heavy too soon and ferociously wrong in form. You know what I mean: the severely arched back, the big bounce, the right goes up followed sometime later by the left. Your shoulders hate you for the rest of your life. Train hard, be wise, and take care of your joints, tendons and muscles.

6) Seeking information as if it were magic’the real answer, the hidden truth, the secret, the faster way, the better way, the pros’ way. Many tend to research more, train less, learn less, go nowhere and go home. It’s in you, it’s in the iron, it’s in the work’hard, consistent work. That’s also where the joy is stashed, where fulfillment overflows and where boys become men and girls become stronger and leaner women.

‘Dave Draper,

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