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Dave Draper

  • The Diverse Paths of Winter Training

    Don’t eat grease and sugar, and don’t stuff yourself. Train sensibly and regularly. Stay warm and dry.

    TrainingDave DraperDecember 19, 2015
  • Apply Your Savvy

    It’s a sweet day, still Indian summer, and life is good. Sounds of the freeway and city are made small and...

    LifestyleDave DraperJuly 8, 2015
  • The Heart of the Matter

    The questions we ask, the unknowns we face and the curiosity, wonder and inquiry that baffle our minds could fill the...

    LatestDave DraperMay 11, 2015
  • We Outlive the Discomfort

    I’m about to leave for the gym. It’s a sunny day, Sunday, one you might call perfect; low 80s, light breeze...

    LatestDave DraperApril 25, 2015
  • A Quick Glimpse in the Rear View

    Imagine a 10-year-old, tlhe youngest in a family of three boys, who inherited threadbare baseballs and raggedy mitts and smooth, under-inflated...

    LatestDave DraperFebruary 25, 2015
  • Be Strong and Courageous

    And now, without beating around the bush, hedge or prairie grass, allow me to come straight to the point without deviation...

    LatestDave DraperJanuary 16, 2015
  • B-72 Without a Plan or Propellers

    I just returned from my first workout after a long layoff. I didn’t choose the layoff; it chose me. Those bumps...

    LatestDave DraperNovember 28, 2014
  • Counting Sets and Reps and Other Blessings

    You know you’re in the somber winter stretch when it’s dark at 5:15 and you’re digging around your wardrobe for a...

    LatestDave DraperJuly 20, 2014
  • No Knuckle Dragging Allowed

    If you are a serious-minded ironhead (classy oxymoron), you know the value of a clear mission statement. Composing a simple, yet...

    LatestDave DraperJune 18, 2014
  • Let’s Not Train and Say We Did

    Since our last conversation life has happened with regularity and normalcy. Shadows lengthened over familiar landscapes, fragrant flora awash in pure...

    LatestDave DraperMarch 29, 2014
  • My Tribute to Larry Scott

    Larry Scott died early Saturday morning. He was 75 years old, a very good man. The man was smart, witty and...

    LatestDave DraperMarch 12, 2014
  • Too Distracted to Have a Purpose

    Going through life without a particular purpose is okay. You get by. You don’t go anywhere, but the days pass. There’s...

    LatestDave DraperJanuary 18, 2014
  • Airborne: Lift Now, Lift Hard, Lift Good

    I’ve never been a student—that is, one who studies. School from grade one was a ladder I had to climb to...

    Beginning BodybuildingDave DraperNovember 18, 2013
  • I Hear You Knocking at My Front Door

    Right about this time every year for the past 13 years I have glowingly declared that the days are getting longer....

    LatestDave DraperAugust 29, 2013
  • Walking the Canary

    I rise and shine in the morning after eight to 10 hours of restless, interrupted sleep and vigorous tossing and turning....

    LatestDave DraperAugust 28, 2013