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Basic Maintenance

You may feel great after your sweaty workout at the gym, but how do you look? More importantly, how do you smell? There’s not always time for a shower and a full-on manscaping session, but don’t be the guy who goes back to the office with body odor that becomes a thing of legend.

I’ve been testing out post-gym grooming products and polling men about their locker-room hygiene routine. I’ve come up with a list of gym bag–friendly products (read: spill-proof) that provide a baseline level of cleanliness and hygiene but won’t make you feel like you’re carrying enough gear to summit Everest. A little grooming goes a long way, especially if your soul mate just happens to be standing at the protein-shake counter.

power shower

Nathan Power Shower Refreshing Wipes ($4)

When I’m rushing off to a meeting after a workout and I don’t have the time or the facilities to shower, I use these to give my armpits a fresh start and then just reapply deodorant. Each pack contains 15 good-sized wipes, and the double closures stays secure leaving little chance of the product drying out. Wiping down head, even face, to toe, the wipes don’t dry out for even the tallest of us. The light, clean scent is unisex, and the product is very durable, not ripping or shredding with your scrub job. If you opt for full body, just make sure to wipe your face before your swamp ass.


Cibu Washabi 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo + Body Wash ($18)

When you do have time to hop into the shower, this three-in-one product is all you need. When I found out Cibu has a cult following, I had to try it for myself. Neutral scent and sulfate-free, this is safe for hair, skin, and the entire body. The Japanese wasabi root kills bacteria and stimulates the scalp with a slight tingle you can feel—it’s not uncomfortable, just enough to make you think something is happening. Other ingredients include eucalyptus, mint, and menthol, which cool the skin. After a hardcore workout where you feel like you’re still sweating in the shower, this is just what you want.


men-ü Shaving Cream ($17)

Don’t be fooled by the price. This small 3.3-ounce container delivers up to 165 shaves. That’s six months of daily shaving. This ultra-concentrated formula has a locking pump that ensures an equal amount of product each time and prevents spills in your bag. I’m a chick, but I used it on my legs, and I made two of my male friends use it, and our consensus was unanimous: It’s good stuff. Bonus: It’s small enough to carry onto an airplane when you travel.


Murad Face Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 15 ($35)

You work hard to keep that body looking good, don’t be caught slipping on your face. This lightweight formula offers UVA/UVB sun protection, oil- and shine-free moisture, and absorbs quickly into the skin. A board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Murad has put four decades of work into his products, which are universally admired by his medical-profession fellows and peers. SPF every day is a must because let’s be real, a kick-ass body with a hot mess of a face is like being that guy with the 21-inch biceps who’s never had a leg day.

primal derma

Primal Derma Healing and Moisturizing Lotion ($11)

Most weightlifters (and don’t get me started on CrossFitters) have massively calloused hands. I’m no different, and that’s why this new product is my current skin obsession. I use it liberally on my hands, elbows, and knees. What grabbed my attention is that this deeply hydrating lotion is made from rendered, grass-fed beef tallow, a part of the animal that would typically go to waste. No, it doesn’t smell like beef, it actually has a very pleasant odor. The small size will fit easily into your gym bag. Good for your skin, good for sustainability. According to the manufacturer, a lot of their clients are raving about this product because it’s also great for, ahem, self-pleasure.

every man jack

Every Man Jack Beard Oil ($10)

Once you’re clean and you smell nice, you lumber-sexuals out there can top off your post-gym routine with Every Man Jack’s Beard Oil. This blend of naturally derived oils softens beards while soothing skin. The oil comes in two fragrances: cedarwood and sandalwood (I prefer the cedarwood, just sayin’). Guys tell me that after just two days of use their beards felt softer and smoother. With no funky ingredients and an über-agreeable pricepoint, it’s a no-brainer. Just make sure your post-workout snack doesn’t get caught in that thing!

By Amanda Burrill, MS

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