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August 2004

This month it?s all about intensity. We?re going to take your muscles for a spin with some Max Contraction action. Is it the ultimate intensity technique for mass-kicking growth? Try it; you?ll like it. Then Egan Schauer talks you through his grueling sto


The direct/indirect plan gets new life with semidirect specialization. 86 ONLY THE STRONG SHALL SURVIVE
Lock and load. Bill Starr’s serious size-and-strength trigger. 110 GO NUTS
Jerry Brainum looks at the health and muscle-building benefits of this food’s good fat. The IM Research Team is here too (on page 119). 124 SNEAK A PEAK
Eric Broser goes down under the biceps to raise them to sky-high levels. It’s Arnold-esque arm shaping. 146 PERFECT SLUMBER
Pete Siegel, R.H., explains how to sleep deeply to wake up muscle gains. 158 SECRETS OF ELITE BODYBUILDERS
Think you’ve got what it takes to build extreme, pro-level mass? Jerry Brainum goes inside the bodies and minds of the champs and uncovers the keys. (It’s more than just genetics and drugs, folks.) 182 MAX CONTRACTION
It’s John Little’s revolutionary muscle-building technique. Is it the ultimate intensity-training method? 206 HEAVY DUTY
More Q&As from the HIT zone. 218 STOP REPS
Egan Schauer says less is more on the road to big gains. 232 JEFF WILLET: SUPER NATURAL
He’s got class and mass, and his popularity is rising fast. The Team Universe champ tells how he did it. 242 ADVANCED STRENGTH AND POWER
You like the nickname Human Forklift? C.S. Sloan lays out the blueprint for building mind-numbing might. 254 BUILDING THE ULTIMATE PHYSIQUE
Impeccable pecs! Time to chisel your chest. 270 CORY EVERSON
The bodybuilding legend lives’and does it with style and a bod that still showcases those aesthetic genetics. 296 HARDBODY
Carmen Garcia unveils her flawless physique! Departments

Pose down to pump up, turn your calves into Brahma bulls and blasting sacred biceps-building beliefs. 54 EAT TO GROW
Zoned-out diet dilemmas, creatine on the brain and Chicken Little’s revenge. 68 CRITICAL MASS
Steve Holman answers hardgainer questions. 98 UNCHAINED
Greg Zulak’s tips and tricks for quality quads. 102 ANABOLIC DRIVE
Time to grow. Jose Antonio, Ph.D., looks at the research on postworkout sustenance. 136 NATURALLY HUGE
Expanded edition: John Hansen interviews shred master Rich Gaspari on training, diet and drive. 144 TRAIN WITH ZANE
Write stuff. Mr. O says keep a journal for size-building success. 308 NEWS & VIEWS
Lonnie Teper’s got the goods on what’s happening in the wacky sport of bodybuilding, as Ruth Silverman keeps you wide-eyed with her Pump pics and scintillating circumstances. The California Powerlifting Hall of Fame induction is here, too, along with a look at one of the men honored, David Shaw. 324 BODYBUILDING PHARMACOLOGY
Jerry Brainum’s got new research on anabolic steroids, anti-aging news and a look at Building the Perfect Beast, a new book by Author L. Rea. 338 MIND/BODY CONNECTION
Ironmind’s Randall Strossen, Ph.D., tells you how to knock out nuisances. There’s also another wild and crazy quiz, quotation inspiration and Hardcore Training. 350 READERS WRITE
Defending the femme physiques, machine magic and packing on arm mass with TEG.

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