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Attitude Ladies, Attitude!

As we all know, J.M. Manion wears many rugs, er, hats: Chief Photographer/Senior Writer for the NPC News since 1986; manager of many of the top ladies in the industry and the creator of Iron Siren Comics ( Over the weekend of the Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, the father teen sensations Tyler and Cassie took on yet another role. Posing instructor.

A few hours prior to the Friday prejudging, I saw a glimpse of J.M. adjacent to the hotel pool area. There he was, personally giving posing instructions to a variety of figure and bikini competitors. I was stunned to see how fluid his moves were. A real natural at this, which should be expected after 25+ years in the business.

On Sunday morn’, at the obligatory NPC News photo shoot by the pool with the champions, J.M. were really in a groove. Since everyone was pretty ragged after the long, hard weekend, Manion had to fire up the troops, So, in the best Jay Manuel imitation I’ve seen yet, J.M. shouted to the gals, “ATTITUDE, ladies, ATTITUDE!”. His hands-on-hip gesture, with eyes fluttering, was classic. Speaking of classic, note pro bodybuilder PD Devers in the background of my photo. Did J.M. get PD excited, or what, with Manions instructions?

Then, a wired J.M. suddenly leaped into my lap as “The Experts” (me, “Yogi” Avidan and Isaac “Hardbody” Hinds) were trying to film our wrap-up videos on the lounge chairs. IRON MAN videographer Roland Balik was there to get all the action on film.

Now, J.M., did we have “ATTITUDE” or what?

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