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An Isabella Blu Wednesday

Shawn Ray and Family

Shawn Ray had a legit excuse for not popping by for dinner Wednesday night, April 30; wife Kristie was giving birth to the couple’s second daughter, Bella Blu Ray, at 9:22 pm, under the watchful eye of Bella’s big sister, Asia Monet, 2 1/2.

The new edition weighed in at six pounds 14 ounces and measured a tad under 20 inches. Kristie was home in less than 24 hours, half of the normal hospital stay time.

Bella followed her daddy’s instructions and wasn’t late; Pop has to get on a plane and zoom to New York next week where he teams up with promoter Steve Weinberger, who is putting on the NY Pro while Sugar Shawn directs the 202 and under version of the event, being held in conjunction with the “big boys.”

At press time, the new dad was 20 pounds over the limit for the latter, so any rumors that Ray might get back on stage (other than to present a trophy) were way false.

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