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Aging With Muscle

7306-prime2If you see someone with a big, round, bloated belly, what’s the first thing you think? Too much Budweiser? Dessert fiend? When’s the baby due?

Seriously, a lot of the bloat could be caused by inflammation from a food allergy.

According to Olympic coach Charles Poliquin, “A food intolerance can impede fat loss because it leads to inflammation in the gut—a critical part of metabolism in the body. When common food intolerances such as gluten and dairy are eliminated, fat loss often results.”

So how do you know what foods could be causing inflammation? Simply eliminate the suspect for a week. If you feel better and your bloat begins to subside somewhat, you may have found the culprit.

Oh, and fat loss should begin to accelerate too. That’s the case when many people eliminate gluten, which is found in foods processed from wheat (it’s in bread, pasta, some beers and even some ice creams).

Another thing you can do to help reduce food intolerance and inflammation-related bloat is to eat Greek yogurt frequently because of the probiotics—good gut bacteria that help balance the bad and improve digestion.

Back to Poliquin: “A poorly functioning gut is sure to inhibit fat-loss efforts. Solve this by taking a probiotic to ensure that you have adequate stomach acid and good gut bacteria.”

If you’re dairy intolerant, try probiotic supplements. They will help reduce your inflammation to get belly-bloat reduction.

—Steve Holman

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