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A 40’s Weekend

Lots of celebrity birthdays in the industry over the past few days. Starting it off, of course, was The Big Nasty’s 46th on Thursday, May 13; AKA Ronnie Coleman for those of you who have never viewed the moniker I first bestowed on Ronnie at the 1998 Olympia. By the way, how many of you REALLY think Ronnie will put the posing trunks back on at this season’s Mr. Olympia? Not thee, although Coleman first told the fans at the San Jose Championships last July he would be making his comeback at the Big Dance in 2010.

On Saturday, the 15th, Ron “Yogi” Avidan turned 42. I think. I asked him three times if this was accurate–and Mr. Consistency didn’t respond all three times. So, 42 will have to do, right or wrong. Then again, when is the Swami ever wrong?

And, a former student of mine at Cal State LA many moons ago, James (Broadway) Bivens, also hit the 42 mark over the weekend. Damn James, you were only a pup when you not only competed at the Cal State LA show in 1990, but turned into the funniest guy in the building that night. I still remember you running from the pump up room to the podium after helping my guest poser, Shawn Ray, put on some oil. “Who says he’s narrow?!” Broadway shouted. “His back is THIS wide!”.

Anyway, happy birthday, folks–and to the many more I probably left out. Speaking of out–I am.

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