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Twig to Big: Interview with Vince Del Monte

Have you ever wanted to be like “that guy”? You know, that guy the girls talk about––poke each other and point to in the gym, in class or in the club because he’s swole?

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7208-vincedelmonteHave you ever wanted to be like “that guy”? You know, that guy the girls talk about––poke each other and point to in the gym, in class or in the club because he’s swole? That guy the other guys walk past the trainers to approach and ask, “What can I do to look like you?”

Maybe you’ve thought, “I’m just a regular guy with bad genetics,” or, “I’m a hardgainer and don’t build muscle easily,” or, “I want a rock-hard, muscular and ripped physique while still being fit and muscular, but my current routine isn’t getting me there.” Or maybe you’ve kept your shirt on at the beach or worn long sleeves and pants to hide your scrawny arms and chicken legs while watching five hot girls give “that guy” their number.

Like you, Vince Del Monte was skinny and wanted to be that guy. He eventually found a mentor and transformed himself, gaining 41 pounds of muscle. More important, he’s been a mentor for countless other guys and helped them break out of the mold to build more lean muscle than they ever thought possible. I caught up with Vince to get some tips to help you get there too.

DY:  You were one of those skinny guys, but unlike others who have failed, you went through a major muscle-gain transformation. How did that come about?   

VDM: There were three strange reasons: First, I was sick and tired of my nickname, “Skinny Vinny,” and wanted everything I thought muscle would give me—confidence, girls and respect. Second, I had just graduated from Western University and completed my eligibility as a cross-country and track-and-field athlete, so for the first time in my life I could work out with weights without concern about gaining weight. Third, I was starting a career in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, but no one wants to work with a scrawny twerp, so I needed to start looking the part to become attractive to prospective clients.

DY: When exactly was your transformation period, and how much muscle did you gain? 

VDM: Literally, the day after I graduated from Western University—it was May 4, 2002—I took my first official “before picture” and started my muscle-building quest. Six months later—October 26, 2002—I took my first official “after picture.” It’s funny how I remember those dates.  I started at 149 pounds and finished at 190 pounds, and my bodyfat went down a few percentage points. So I gained more than 40 pounds of fat-free mass, a.k.a. muscle, in exactly 24 weeks.

Editor’s note: Vince Del Monte’s new column, Twig to Big, begins in the next IRON MAN. You can get more info on Vince’s program at his blog at or  IM

[CLICK HERE to download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More]

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