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15 Minute Arm Assault

Fifteen minutes, 900 seconds, a quarter of an hour—if you’re on the clock and feeling the pressure, you can get more done in 15 minutes than you think. What if I told you that you can do a great arm workout in 15 minutes? No, I’m not kidding. It will be fast, it will be furious, and all you’ll need is an EZ-curl bar, a bench and weight plates—to get a pump that’s flipping freaky!

Now you’re probably saying, "Great, only 15 minutes—but how productive will it be?" Just because it’s fast doesn’t mean it will be easy. By the time your 15 minutes are up, you will have performed 300 reps. That’s right, 300! You in? I thought so.

Blasting Bi’s

Close-grip EZ-curl-bar curls. You use only one exercise for biceps, but you perform it with two hand positions. First, you use a close grip to hit the outer head of the biceps. Make sure you don’t jerk the weight. Take the time to feel the biceps contract, and lower the weight under control. No one benefits from fast, herky-jerky reps.

Wide-grip EZ-curl-bar curls. Once you perform the necessary reps with a close grip, reduce the weight and switch from close to wide. Crank out the same number of reps. Take only enough time between the two movements to change the weight and switch your grip—about 10 seconds max. Once you hit failure with the wide grip, it’s time for triceps.

Toasting Tri’s

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