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10 Keys to a World-Record Bench Press

During the past 15 years I’ve interviewed hundreds of the best bench pressers in the world. I also have locked out 755 pounds in the bench press. How would you like to bench well over 1,000 pounds? Whether your goal is to set consistent personal records or world records, follow these 10 tips to achieve your biggest bench press possible.

Most advanced lifters would advise you to have a solid foundation of strength and have your technique down before using a bench shirt.

1) Master the short-stroke technique. If you want to hold a world record in the bench press, you can’t be benching flat on your back like a gym rat. Instead, do this when you bench:

• Squeeze your shoulder blades together. That diminishes the stroke by three inches.

• Fill yourself with air—you’ll shortens the stroke more and bench more weight.

• Arch your back while keeping your butt on the bench and squeezing your thighs into the bench—that also shortens the distance the bar must travel.

• Use leg drive, and push off the floor to activate your legs.

• Widen your grip, tuck your elbows in, bench to your lower chest, and press the bar up in a straight line.

Now you’re benching an insane weight a distance of fewer than six inches. If you want to bench-press a world record, you’re going to want to move the weight as few inches as possible.

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