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Peachy Keen Protein

Get seasonal with your post-workout recovery shake.

By Amanda Burrill, MS


They’re called “stone fruits” because of their large seeds, but I just call them freakin’ delicious. It’s the best time of year to enjoy nectarines, plums, cherries, mangoes, apricots, and this month’s rock-star ingredient, peaches. Let’s get stoned. Stone-fruited, that is.

They stand up to being poached, grilled, sautéed, and (one of my showy favorites) flambéed! Bake them into healthy confections, toss them onto salads, the possibilities are endless. Even better, they are often interchangeable. Peach cobbler? Nay—plum cobbler! Get weird!

After the hot summer we had, I figure our skin might need revitalization. So I called in some proven skin-quenching guns to smooth your skin while protein fuels your own guns. Walnuts and chia add just the right nutty edge to make me think I taste peach cobbler. Frozen banana is always optional depending on how closely you’re monitoring your carb intake but adds a better cool creaminess than ice alone. Lemon offers a teeny-tiny acidic edge, and carrots add a rich dose of vitamin A (and some cool color).

This smoothie has enough calories and well-rounded macros to stand as a breakfast on a rest day and definitely enough protein power for post-workout refueling. My inner fat kid looks for ways to make everything comparable to something naughty, and that's okay because I have abs. So please enjoy this nutty peach pie with creamy topping!



1 medium-sized peach

½ frozen banana

1 medium carrot

1 tablespoon raw walnuts

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 teaspoon fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

6 ounces almond milk (or favorite milk)

Small handful of ice


Total: 395 calories, 45 g carbs, 28 g protein, 13 g fat, 23 g fiber



Combine all ingredients in a blender, beginning with the liquid to avoid sticky protein-powder clumps. Blend until smooth.







Eating peaches regularly helps to control high cholesterol and problems that lead to diabetes and heart disease because of phenolic compounds that prevent the oxidization of LDL, the “bad” cholesterol. Also, foods rich in beta-carotene like peaches (and that carrot!) lower cholesterol levels in the blood stream. They’re also low-calorie, fat-free, and delicious.


Walnuts pack omega-3 fatty acids that help lock in moisture and nutrients in the skin. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, helps smooth skin and accelerate healing. Walnuts keep hair lustrous with B vitamins, namely biotin, strengthening hair and improving its growth. To get the most out of deez nuts, buy raw, organic nuts and consume the flaky outer layer.


Chia seeds are everywhere, and there’s good reason for it. Their protein helps maintain collagen in the skin. In addition to all that skin goodness, chia seeds are rich in fiber, growing up to 10 times their size in your digestive tract keeping you fuller longer.

Lemon Juice:

Lemons are an underappreciated superfruit that add flavor—from both the zest and juice—but also boast boatloads of benefit. Flavonoids in the juice are said to contain antioxidants, useful in treating many ailments and conditions. Fresh lemon juice also stimulates your digestive tract, making it a great morning ritual.

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