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The Pros and Cons of the Cheat Meal

/ Posted 12.23.2014

Q: Do you recommend having a “cheat meal” once a week while dieting to get ripped? I hear that it’s … continue reading

Fish Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease

/ Posted 09.22.2014

Resolution is the final stage of the inflammatory response, when restoration of tissue occurs. Failure may lead to chronic inflammation, … continue reading

The Amazing Alt(ernate) Burger

/ Posted 07.04.2014

Nutrition for prime-time bodybuilders is a bit different from that for younger athletes. Many studies have shown that we need … continue reading

Whey: Can It Prevent Obesity and Diabetes?

/ Posted 07.03.2014

Some bodybuilders never use protein supplements, preferring instead to get all their protein from food sources, such as meat, fish … continue reading

Exercise, Protein and Older Trainees

/ Posted 12.17.2013

I was a fan of the late, great Jack LaLanne. Sure, he sold his PowerJuicer, but he was also the … continue reading

Get More Protein as You Age

/ Posted 11.15.2013

A recent study compared protein intake after a workout in young and over-40 subjects. The young men showed elevated muscle … continue reading

Building Middle-Aged Muscle With Beef

/ Posted 11.07.2013

Years ago, while attending the Mr. Olympia contest, I decided to survey a few of the contestants on the subject … continue reading

Carbs, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

/ Posted 09.10.2013

Q: I’m a mature bodybuilding enthusiast. I’ve never competed, but I have been training hard with weights most of my … continue reading

How to Get Your Body Back

/ Posted 07.08.2013

Q: I’m writing you because I need a serious kick in the butt! I’m fairly close to your age, and … continue reading

A Revolutionary Study

/ Posted 02.03.2013

We would like to share a study that can only be described as “revolutionary” in its impact for senior citizens. … continue reading

Reigniting Fat Loss

/ Posted 02.02.2013

Q: I’ve been following you in IRON MAN, and I need someone at your level to help me get over … continue reading

Building Muscle, Staying Lean

/ Posted 05.01.2012

Q: You recently said that older guys should aim to stay leaner. I’m 43 and natural, but I constantly struggle … continue reading

Fish Oil for Kidney Protection

/ Posted 03.18.2012

It’s estimated that many people over 60 have only 40 percent of kidney function left. Chronic kidney disease, as it’s … continue reading

Best Protein for Older Men

/ Posted 03.12.2012

As we age, we tend to lose muscle. The medical term for this is sarcopenia, which translates to “muscle loss.” … continue reading

Natural Testosterone

Q: Are there any natural ways to increase testosterone? I’m 44 and “slowing down” in a few key areas and … continue reading

Elevated Cortisol Where You Least Expect It

/ Posted 01.06.2012

Bodybuilders seem obsessed with cortisol, which is an adrenal steroid hormone. That means that like testosterone and estrogen, as well … continue reading


Getting Back Into Bodybuilding, Part 2

/ Posted 01.02.2012

Part 1 of my answer to the following question appeared in last month’s column. Here is the question again and … continue reading


Getting Back Into Bodybuilding

/ Posted 12.11.2011

Q: I’ve just gotten back into bodybuilding after taking a break—for about 25 years. Back in the day supplements were … continue reading


Lighter Weights Build Muscle

/ Posted 03.16.2011

Ateam from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, reveals a strategy for muscle building counter to the prevailing notion that you … continue reading


Hormone-Replacement Therapy

/ Posted 12.03.2010

Q: My training partner and I are both turning 52 in the fall of this year. He went to the … continue reading


Growth Hormone: Fact vs. Fiction

/ Posted 10.07.2010

IGF-1 is considered the major anabolic effector of GH, and its measurement in the blood is an indicator of GH activity.


Beer May Boost Bone Health

/ Posted 08.20.2010

The researchers had this comment: “Results provide proof of principle that complex dietary cocktails can powerfully ameliorate biomarkers of aging and modulate mechanisms considered ultimate goals for aging interventions.”


Mental Might

/ Posted 05.07.2010

A study published in Neurology (71:825-832, 2008) found that older people whose bodies are low on vitamin B12 can be at … continue reading


Blast Off Stubborn Belly Fat

/ Posted 04.04.2010

Q: I’m looking for advice. I have stubborn belly fat—I’m 45—but am pretty tight everywhere else. I’ve competed naturally for … continue reading


The Truth About Male Testosterone Replacement

/ Posted 01.04.2010

Testosterone plays a role in your life span. Ask your doctor for a total- and free-testosterone blood test. You never know what you may find.

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