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What is First T-Burst Training?

Q: What is First T-Burst Training?

A: Starting a workout with deadlifts  or squats, as in the phase 1 Size Surge program. Here’s that split:


Monday: Quads, hams, chest, back, delts

Wednesday: Deadlifts, calves, arms, abs

Friday: Quads, hams, calves, chest, back, delts

You get a testosterone burst when you do a big exercise first. Here is what researchers Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., and Gabriel Wilson, Ph.D., discovered in a recent study in which subjects trained arms alone or arms after legs:

“As predicted, the arms trained with legs achieved an increase in the part of the biceps with the largest cross-sectional area—the biceps peak—while no changes occurred in the arms trained alone. The arms trained with legs also had greater relative improvement in biceps curl strength than the arms trained alone as well as other favorable muscle adaptations.”

Conclusion: Anabolic testosterone jacked up by a big exercise first can have significant anabolic impact on the muscles trained after. That’s an exciting muscle-building discovery. In the case of the study, arm girth and strength surged significantly.

I believe that’s a big reason the Size Surge program works so well at building mass—you get a first T burst at all three workouts.

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