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Train To Gain: Where?s My Beef?

Why expert advice doesn?t always lead to massive results.

Q: If the basic training you advocate is all that anyone needs to fully develop his or her physique, how come I, who follow your instructions to the letter, am nowhere near as impressively developed as the guys I see in the magazines?

A: The reason proper training hasn’t turned you into a world-class bodybuilder or lifter is simply because you don’t possess the genetics to become a world-class bodybuilder or lifter.

I wish bodybuilding writers didn’t continually suggest that virtually anyone’with the right program or diet or teacher’can reach the top. It’s a lie.

Common sense ought to make it abundantly clear that only a very, very few individuals can become world-class muscle stars, but I guess common sense isn’t too common’not today, anyway. You can become as powerful and well-built as your genetic potential allows. That ought to be sufficient motivation to prompt everyone and his brother to get some barbells and use them religiously. IM

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