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Train To Gain: TIME to Train

The best time of day to work out is up to you.

Q: My schedule is now my own, thanks to my new home office. I’m going to build my entire schedule around my training. When is the ideal time to train?

A: Congratulations. I wish you much success in your new home business, and I think my answer to your questions can make your life even more enjoyable. Pick whatever time you like for your training. It really doesn’t matter when you train. It’s how you train and how regularly you do it that matters most.

Some prefer early-morning workouts’not me’while others enjoy afternoon or late-evening sessions. Decide what fits you best. The critical thing is to train.

As someone who also runs his own business and whose time is his own, I can caution you not to allow your love of training to get out of hand. The limitations that holding down a job with an employer impose’for all their despicable aspects’do seem to force us to keep training a sensible activity. Manage your time sensibly, and remember that too much training can be more detrimental than not enough. IM

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