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Train To Gain: Take a Walk on the Wide Side

The ultimate back attack.

Want to know one thing that would improve the back development of every weight trainer in the world?

Take every single cable pulldown station out of all the gyms and health clubs and replace them with chinning bars. Walk into any fitness facility on a Monday evening, and I assure you that each lat pulldown machine will have someone furiously repping away, most likely with two or three people waiting in line behind him.

Some of them can pull up to 1 1/2 times their bodyweight for reps, yet you still see very few impressive backs.

The reason is that pulldowns just aren’t that hard to do. Take a 200-pound trainer who’s using 300 pounds on pulldown machines, strap 100 pounds to him and ask him to perform a set of chins. He won’t be able to do one.

Take another 200-pound guy who’s chinning with 100 pounds hanging off him, and I guarantee you his back will blow the first guy’s away. People shy away from chins because they can’t do many in the beginning, so they head for the cables.

If a rugged, muscular back is what you crave, humble yourself and head for the chinup bar. You’ll never regret it. IM

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