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Train To Gain: Serious Strength

Even hardgainers can get superstrong with persistence.

Here’s a guide for those of you wanting an idea of the sort of poundages a typical 190-pound successful hardgainer, who’s about 5’9′ with seven-inch wrists, will be moving. The performance weights indicate that the lifter is using excellent form and a controlled rep speed’no sloppy technique or explosive lifting:

Squats 1 x 375-400; 15-20 x 300

Deadlifts 1 x 450 -500; 15-20 x 350

Stiff-legged deadlifts 10 x 275

Bench presses 1 x 280-300; 6-8 x 250

Presses 1 x 190; 6 x150

Barbell curls 8 x 100

Close-grip bench presses
(about 15 inches between thumbs) 8 x 220

One-leg calf raises 20 x 50

‘Stuart McRobert, Brawn

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