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Train To Gain: Pearls of Wisdom

How to stay on the training and gaining track.

Obviously, the heavier the poundages handled, the greater the stress on the joint involved, and continuous heavy exercise will eventually produce some traumatic lesions in one or more of the joints. That’s not to say heavy training must be completely avoided, but it is wise to use common sense.

I believe that Bill Pearl has a sensible approach to the problem. Bill does not make a regular practice of handling heavy weights. He generally works with moderate poundages and even light weights, but on occasion and for only a short period he will concentrate on heavy training, thus eliminating the possibility of training injury through stress, which would very likely occur if he were to train on a regular basis with heavy weights.

It appears obvious that if one is to continue training well into middle age, and he wishes to do so without painful joints, then he has to be wise in his workouts and reduce the chance of stress or strains to joints, ligaments and tendons.

‘Bruce Page, Iron Man, May ’68, Vol. 27, No. 4

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