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Train To Gain: Optimal vs. Practical

Best gains possible or a program you can stick to?

What matters is what works for you’what produces steady progress. This doesn’t necessarily mean what’s optimal for you, if optimal is not practical for you week in and week out. Perhaps being trained hands-on by a coach, squatting till you barf every five days, feeding every two hours and sleeping 10 hours every night produces your optimal rate of gains, but if you can’t sustain that for month after month, it’s not practical for you no matter how ideal it may be.

Practicality has to be married with what’s ideal, to produce something you can stick with over the long haul. If, however, you can get your life organized sufficiently to follow your ‘ideal’ program for four to six weeks every once in a while, go for it. But for most of the time, a different approach needs to be used, one that will fit into your usual lifestyle.

‘Stuart McRobert, Further Brawn

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