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Train To Gain: In the Groove

Heavier warmup weights can help form and fiber recruitment.

When rehearsing the groove of each exercise prior to the work set(s), you probably cannot do a good job if you use very comfortable weights. You need 75 percent or more of your work set weight on the bar.

This especially applies to low-rep work. Here you have no room for technique error if a work set is to be a success. Preparation must be 100 percent. For the exercises you use your biggest weights on, you need multiple warmup sets.

The final one will be with up to 90 percent or so of your work set(s) poundage, but for just a few precision reps. It would be for only a single rep if you were doing very low reps in your work set(s). IM

‘Stuart McRobert, Beyond Brawn

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