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Train To Gain: Herculean Concentration

Steve Reeve?s secret to rapid muscular progress.

When I worked out, I’d concentrate exclusively on the muscle I was training. I’d concentrate on the movements and perform them nice and slow so that I could really feel the movement all the way up and all the way down. I used a full range of motion and it really worked out well for me. You have to establish a superior line of communication between your brain and your muscles, and you can only do that two ways: by concentration and by practicing muscle-control exercises in your spare time when you’re not working out.

When you can flip those muscles’that is, getting them to flex or twitch through brief, voluntary contractions, you know you have great communication between your mind and your muscle tissue. By building up a greater, superior line of communication between my brain and my muscles, I was able to develop much faster and easier than most of my contemporaries.

‘Steve Reeves, Building the Classic Physique the Natural Way

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