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Train To Gain: Bodybuilding Principles

Herculean Principles: Bodybuilding wisdom from Steve Reeves

1) Always remember that exercising should tire the body but should be relaxing’refreshing to the mind and nervous system’and that to get the most benefit out of an exercise, it is important that you do it correctly.

2) It is important, psychologically, to accomplish small goals that you set for yourself, as it gives a feeling of achievement and makes you feel like going out and doing more.

3) Balance the difficulty of the exercise with the duration.

4) Keeping fit is like a tire’when used often it stays inflated; when unused for an extended period it gets deflated and requires a lot of exertion to get it inflated again.

5) Start out easy and don’t compete against anyone but yourself.

‘Steve Reeves, Building the Classic Physique the Natural Way

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