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Train To Gain: Better Bodyparts

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A young bodybuilder preparing for a contest asked me if I had any advice for bringing up weak lats before his show. Here’s what I told him. First, give top priority to what you need, not to what you like. For the last four weeks of training prior to a physique contest, train lats every third day and put lat work first in the routine. Do five tri-sets, as follows:

Wide-grip chins to the front, all sets to failure

Straight-arm one-dumbbell pullovers across a bench, 10 reps for each set

Low-pulley rows, 12 strict reps

After four weeks of that, take at least five days off before your show, doing no training whatsoever.

Before going onstage, warm up for 20 to 30 minutes and just do chins alternated with towel pulls. Do the towel pulls seated on the floor with a partner.

The fact that you’ve taken enough time off before the show, coupled with your concentration on chins and low rows with a towel’your preshow warmup’will enable you to go onstage with your lats looking their best. IM

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