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Thinking Big: Create Your Vision of Success

Do It Now!

I know your bodybuilding journey may be very difficult at times, as you wonder if your dreams and goals will ever come true. That anxiety can be very distracting and stand in your way. Sometimes you might wonder, “Is it really worth all the trouble?”

I want to share some sage advice that my friend Dennis Moniz gave me a few years ago. “Skip,” he said, “it doesn’t matter when you make it. All that matters is that you make it.”

You may be asking yourself, “Will I ever reach my bodybuilding goals?2 Have patience. It doesn’t matter if it takes a year or a decade to reach your goals. It also doesn’t matter if you’re 21 years old or 81 years old when you do. When you finally achieve the success you’ve envisioned for so long, the pain, anxiety and frustration you’ve experienced along the way will no longer bother you.

You’ll look back at your problems, obstacles and challenges and see them as merely character builders. You’ll say you wouldn’t have wanted the journey to be any easier. You’ll understand that those difficult situations made the destiny you’ve created for yourself that much more rewarding. Seize the opportunity to create your bodybuilding destiny! Now, not sometime in the distant future, is the right time to create your vision of what you want to achieve with your bodybuilding efforts. Now is the time to establish the foundation of the person you want to become.

Editor’s note: Skip La Cour’s book Thinking Big is a step-by-step workbook designed to help you use your mind to achieve your physique goals more effectively. To order, send a $25 check or money order to Thinking Big, P.O. Box 1136, Pleasanton, CA 94566. For credit card orders call 1-800-447-0008, ext. 1. For more information about natural bodybuilding visit La Cour1s Mass Machine Web site at To add your name to his Empowering Information mailing list, call 1-800-655-0986, or send your name and address via e-mail to [email protected]. IM

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