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The Skeleton Key

Osteoporosis is commonly viewed as a problem that mostly affects women. However, considering that the condition affects some 200 million people worldwide, men also need to be concerned with their bone health. Researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia recently completed the first study that shows that long-term weight-training promotes bone growth and bone density specifically in males. Scientists found that compound weighted exercises such as squats and lunges improved bone health in young active men, as did high-impact jump training. (Non-weight-bearing activities such as cycling and swimming did not improve bone density.)

The study showed that the weight-training decreased the level of sclerostin, a protein that inhibits bone formation. The training also boosted levels of IGF-1, which triggers bone growth. This is just more evidence that shows that a fitness lifestyle, and specifically lifting weights, is something that can and should be followed for the rest of your life.

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