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The Elite Trainer

www.ironmanmagazine.comAre you a personal trainer looking for a synthesis of the latest in strength-training facts, methods and programs? A guide that can help you develop individualized programs for your clients? If so, The Elite Trainer by John Paul Catanzaro is for you.

If you, like me, answered no to the above questions but you’re still into efficient, effective strength training and bodybuilding, you, too, should get your hands on this book. It’s packed with so much info, you’ll be immersed in it for days.

Catanzaro is a certified exercise physiologist and certified kinesiologist and owns a private training facility in Richmond Hills, Ontario. Over the years he’s appeared on televison, published numerous articles and released two DVDs, “Stretching for Strengthening” and “Warm-Up to Strength Training.” The Elite Trainer is a culmination of his knowledge—and what a treasure trove it is.

The subjects covered include the size principle, training to failure, muscle fiber makeup, sarcoplasmic vs. myofibrillar hypertrophy, single vs. multiple sets, compensatory acceleration training, eccentric training, time under tension, neural vs. metabolic recovery, the rest interval solution, periodization and a huge compendium of exercises and workouts—from basic bodybuilding to two-day hypertrophy splits to escalating density to advanced size and strength. Whew!

I can honestly say that you will refer to this book over and over throughout your career, whether you’re a personal trainer or recreational lifter. It’s an indispensable reference.

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