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Jenny Hendershott Gives You a Dose of Her Intoxicating Physique

Having never met Jenny Hendershott, I wanted to get a feel for her personality before interviewing her, so whom better to ask than Ruth Silverman, IRONMAN’s Pump & Circumstance scribe? Ruth certainly made it sound as if we’d made a grand choice for this month’s Hardbody. She was excited, and I was getting there after her enthusiastic response.

It turns out Ruth was right on the money. Jenny, who came in second by only three points at the Southwest USA Pro Fitness Cup in May, is a real sweetheart and a very high-energy person. She coaches high school cheerleading, works as a choreographer and puts lots of time into her own physique and routines, in addition to her spokesmodel duties for Prolab Nutrition.

Obviously a real go-getter, Jenny’s quite personable and brimming with sportsmanship. For instance, after finishing her own routine at the inaugural Pittsburgh Pro Fitness in 2000, she sat in the audience and cheered on her competitors. That can’t be said of many other athletes, and it’s a reflection of the type of person Jenny is.

She’s also a pretty good talker. Here are her replies to a few choice questions I had for her:

JL: I hear you were recently married. Keeping in mind that we have younger readers, what activities do you two newlyweds like to do together? JH: I love every moment with my husband, Brian [Kinn]. He’s my biggest and most supportive fan. He’s so genuine and unique. I love waiting for him to walk in the door every night after work and getting that hug and kiss from his sweet little face.

JL: Every moment? Well, I guess that covers just about everything and certainly can’t offend too many people. Considering your schedule, it’s hard to imagine your having too much free time outside of fitness. Do you have a career outside that world?

JH: For now I’m a full-time professional fitness competitor and spokesmodel for Prolab Nutrition. I look at this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I have to do it while I’m young and full of energy. I also choreograph many fitness and bodybuilding routines for amateurs and professionals in the industry. I actually have a bachelor of science in education from Ohio State University, and I’ve completed a bachelor’s-plus program to receive a teaching certificate for kindergarten through eighth grade from Ashland University, so I have my teaching career to move on to.

I just love what the sport of fitness has taught me about myself. Winning a show isn’t everything, but what you learn from others and teach others along the way makes you a winner.

JL: Well, it sounds as if you’ve got everything in line for your future. Is that your plan, to go back to teaching?

JH: You know, I really don’t make plans for the future. I don’t think you should do that because life is so unpredictable. When you plan, you’re usually disappointed because the outcome is not what you were hoping for. I live each day for the day, and I focus on one year at a time. I just focus on filling my life with success and positivity.

JL: That approach certainly seems to be working for you, and all the hard work is paying off, as you’ve been creeping closer and closer to a pro victory.

JH: It’s so much fun, and I plan to keep competing for as long as the fun continues. Editor’s note: Jenny Hendershot’s Web site is You can write to her at 1121 Worthington Woods Blvd., PMB 180, Worthington, OH 43085.

Height: 5’3′

Weight: 125

Marital status: Married

Hometown: Ashland, Ohio

Current residence: Columbus, Ohio

Occupation: Schoolteacher, but currently a full-time fitness professional

Hobbies/other interests: ‘Fishing with my dad, dancing, visiting with family, hanging with friends and celebrating. I celebrate everything. As a matter of fact, I find something to celebrate every week just so I can get dressed up and go out. I love being in the atmosphere of great company.’

Favorite food: ‘I just love food. I hate dieting, so I’ll eat anything that isn’t an egg white, a can of tuna or a green veggie. Beer is good too!’

Sample bodypart program: Chest

Incline dumbbell flyes 4 x 15
One-arm pushups 3 x 10
Cable crossovers 4 x 10
Ab work 4 x 20
Dumbbell pullovers 4 x 20
Pop-in-and-out pushups 4 x 10
Decline dumbbell presses 4 x 10

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