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It?s really sexercise!

Like many other vigorous activities, sex requires physical grace and skill if you want to reach your objective. And, yes, it does require a certain degree of fitness if you want to be really good.

‘The evidence is pretty conclusive. Besides the fact that exercise increases your well-being and confidence’both of which figure into the sexual equation’a regular fitness routine also enhances your physical ability to have sex,’ says James White, Ph.D., professor emeritus of exercise physiology at the University of California, San Diego.

In one study of sexual behavior, Dr. White found that men who regularly worked out enjoyed a 30 percent boost in their sexual appetite. But more important, they also reported a significant increase in sexual performance; specifically, they were lasting longer and having more orgasms.

And you thought exercising would only make your muscles hard.

‘Ken Winston Caine, A Man’s Guide to Women

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