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Rounder-Delt Pounder

ironmanmagazine.comIn the January ’14 issue I sang the praises of one-arm cable laterals as being one of the best exercise for “capping” your delts. It’s a direct hit on the medial head with continuous tension—unlike dumbbell laterals.

With dumbbells the resistance is zero at the bottom of the range and too severe at the top. That’s the reason you see trainees heaving even moderately heavy dumbbells on laterals, making the movement inferior to one-arm cable laterals.

Now let’s take it a step further. To make one-arm cable laterals even better, superset them with one-arm cable upright rows.

When you hit failure on the laterals, lower the cable handle to the bottom position, which should be at your opposite thigh so you get some medial-head stretch, and do one-arm cable upright rows to failure.

Talk about a full pump. Your delts will look like melons after three rounds. In case you didn’t recognize the method, supersetting one-arm cable laterals with one-arm cable upright rows is preexhaustion, one of the most effective muscle-targeting tactics available.

—Steve Holman


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