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Review: Simply Marvelous

Melvin Anthony?s new video heats up your VCR?and your motivation.

Mitsuru Okabe seems to catch the essence of Melvin Anthony within the first few minutes of the new video ‘Marvelous Melvin Anthony.’ Anthony’s got a hardcore physique but enough aesthetic lines to please just about any bodybuilding fan.

The video documents his journey to pro status, starting with footage of Melvin posing before the ’98 NPC USA. It then jumps to his contest preparation for the ’99 USA from 9 1/2 weeks out, at 252 pounds, to contest day, at a ripped-and-ready 229 pounds.

Some big names in bodybuilding were part of Melvin’s support group for his ’99 showing. Shawn Ray and Milos Sarcev are shown giving posing advice. Flex Wheeler explains that bodybuilders of this caliber ‘share information, not advice. At that level, the differences are mental.’ John Brown seems to have been Melvin’s chief training adviser during this journey, and you can hear him in the background telling Anthony, ‘You better get that shit up!’ Anthony even does a few sets of chest work with Gregory Hines and his son.

Anytime you see footage of a pro getting ready for a contest, you really notice the dramatic changes that take place in a physique, especially at the 5 1/2-week point and about a week before the show’and they’re dramatically apparent in Anthony’s case.

‘Bodybuilding is a die-hard sport,’ Melvin says, and he warns anyone seeking pro status, ‘If you’re not going to do cardio, a guy like me is going to tear you a new butthole.’ I’m guessing that means cardio is important.

Watching Anthony train during the last few weeks’especially during his carb-depletion phase’proves that he was out to win. His intensity and strength never seem to fail. He attributes that to the fact that he always trains with positive and energetic people.

Pros: Good training footage. A nice positive vibe throughout. A nice Okabe slide show as an intermission in the video.

Cons: All footage is from ’99, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. IM

Editor’s note: ‘Simply Marvelous’ is available from Home Gym Warehouse, 1-800-447-0008.

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