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Repping Resentment

People problems can detain your gains

People problems seem to be high on the list of troubles that trainees face in their quest for strength, health, muscle and all-round personal improvement. I sympathize with anyone who, for example, finds that those who should be his staunchest allies in his endeavors are actually his worst enemies. Here are a few examples.

Family members who deride, attack and belittle virtually every effort you make to pursue your bodybuilding and/or lifting goals. So-called friends who find it amusing that you possess the discipline, drive, good sense and purpose in life to want to develop yourself. They secretly resent the fact that you train and make them feel slovenly, so they constantly needle you about all that silly muscle stuff.

Coworkers who, being the useless, aimless, rudderless drones that they are, enjoy attacking you because you intend to go home after work and train, rather than sit around with a collection of human debris and mumble incoherently during happy hour at the local watering hole.

Certainly it’s possible for good parents, for instance, to have legitimate objections to their son’s doing nothing but bodybuilding and perhaps endangering his life by experimenting with steroids. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with friends choosing not to train and even wondering why you’re so devoted to working out.

In short, I have never been concerned with persuading anyone who doesn’t wish to train to even look at a barbell. But anyone who attempts to be a stumbling block in my path toward what I wish to do in life is my enemy. I haven’t a second to waste on such a person, and I don’t care one iota whether he or she is a parent, teacher, friend, neighbor or whatever.

My answer to those who ask what they should do about a girlfriend who doesn’t like or understand her boyfriend’s regular training is simply: Get rid of her! What possible value can you find in a romantic partner who doesn’t like the fact that her significant other works out, enjoys fitness, health and the pursuit of discipline and strength? Do yourself a favor’shrug. Training is hard enough without having to go uphill emotionally. You don’t want or need the naysayers. Get rid of them. IM

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