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Pathetic GENETICS?

Looking good by making the best of what you?ve got.

Many hardgainers, while not having the genetically endowed factors that contribute to huge muscular size, do have aesthetic bodies, and some have exceptionally aesthetic bodies with fine proportions’narrow hips and waists, small joints and natural leanness.

These factors combine to present a package that, if well developed, will create an extremely impressive physique, though of small size compared to the top professionals. This type of structure is, of course, a result of genetic good fortune. Getting huge is absolutely not necessary if you want to achieve an impressive physique.

Other hardgainers don’t have an aesthetic structure. Whatever you have, you have to live with. That’s the frank reality.

You can only make the best of what you have; however, the joy of bodybuilding is that no matter how unsuited your body may be for it, you can still make spectacular progress relative to where you are now. With effort and determination you can transform yourself.

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