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The Mental Set of Greatness: Muscularity Begins With Your State of Mind!

There is a certain attitude, philosophy and ideology that, in those of my clients who’ve embraced it, has resulted in their reflecting an advancement-inducing dominance outlook’the outlook I call the mental set of greatness. It entails an unbending perception of control, conquest expectation and continual maximum power generation’it encompasses a stalwart conviction that they can, should and will surpass existing performance levels. Not only that, they will:

a) Generate and sustain overwhelming, triumph-directed performance intensity in every workout with every set.

b) Exercise authority and commanding control over the weights used and their muscular progress.

c) Generate supremacy and superiority over every challenge and competitor they face.

When the mental set of greatness informs training and competitive outlook, the level of emotional, personal and competitive mastery generated is extraordinary.

A person who reflects this perception regularly feels totally in control, ready, primed, focused in the moment’seeing clearly the specific success he knows he can get, the success he unconsciously generates his full power toward accomplishing, the success he senses represents his very destiny.

This compelling unconscious framework is, perhaps more than any other factor, the basis from which championship effort and accomplishment emerge. By using your power to tap latent resources and access and control factors you’ve allowed to lie dormant, you can unleash the force-promoting advancement that represent the champion within you.

Your Unconscious Belief Framework: Your Action Command Center

You’re supposed to advance and further develop because you are life. And because you are life:

‘You have all that life is as your potential.
‘You have all the properties, qualities and characteristics of life as your potential.
‘You have all of life’s nature, purpose and tendencies as your potential.

Your unconscious thoughts and belief system are responsible for channeling how your life potential is shaped, formed and expressed through you. That applies to how you approach every facet of your training, the muscularity you incite and your rate and level of personal gain.

Whether your thoughts (ideas, beliefs, expectations, images) are commanding or limiting, life will respond accordingly and will become the physical and experiential manifestation of your internal state’the shape, quality and development of your body are essentially a physical extension of your state of mind.

Reread the preceding paragraph’slowly and thoughtfully so you grasp its impact and significance. When you accept, believe and comprehensively think in line with its premise, you become and stay the big you, the powerful you, the dominant you, the maximum you’all the time! That’s when a force of tenacious conquest ferocity fuels every set you perform and your effort in each workout you do.

Life continually strives to advance you. By aligning your inner states to embrace and reflect the mental set of greatness (the overall ideal reinforcing your purpose as one of being more and developing more expansively), you will become more than you ever considered possible. ALL Reconstructing your unconscious framework compels a dimension of creative force that’s within you. The dimension is naturally designed to increase you, advance you and drive you toward ultimate triumph.

The mental set of greatness moves you from just ‘considering’ what you’d like to taking charge and feverishly acting to become more, better and greater with every successive workout.

Structuring the Mental Set of Greatness

You can establish the mental set as your approach to training by the following idea scripting process. Read through it in its entirety, and then apply as outlined.

In bed at night before drifting off to sleep, imagine you’re standing in front of a full-length mirror, experiencing yourself as a physical reflection of majestic, triumphant, compelling muscular power. Next, imaginatively step into that body, feeling yourself as possessor of its superior development’all of it.

Then, seeing yourself as that force, notice reflected in the mirror your facial expression, your posture, your overall degree of development’every cut, groove, peak and the total representation of thick, cut, flaring density.

Next, as you’re fully engrossed in envisioning and experiencing yourself at peak development, mentally exclaim the following sequence of ideas, making the commitment to think, speak, expect, imagine, act out and work out from those ideals exclusively’in every aspect of your training. I recommend that you commit them to memory so you can express them with authority.

a) I am created to succeed. My purpose is to triumph.
b) I’m primed for excellence; whatever must be done, I instantly do.
c) I believe in me’I’ve got what it takes.
d) I am the force of magnitude conquest fury.

After you mentally exclaim each idea, pause momentarily and f-e-e-l its overall meaning. Feel its meaning penetrate down to the deepest level within you, lodging as a foundation in an evolving power attitude structure.

Next, imaginatively project yourself standing atop a rugged mountain peak’addressing the whole world as this maximum muscular power. Forcefully mentally exclaim what I call the vow of dominance. Again, I suggest you memorize the following sequence of ideas so you can smoothly mentally project it. a) I strive to create the physique I know represents my destiny’what I know is mine to claim.
b) I am driven by the unchained will to triumph’I now take charge of every rep.
c) I now see dominance intensity!
d) I now f-e-e-l dominance intensity!
e) I now take full control, and I make it happen for me.

After you mentally exclaim each idea, pause momentarily and f-e-e-l its overall meaning’feel the meaning penetrate to the deepest level within you, lodging as a foundation in an evolving power attitude structure.

Then, f-e-e-l-i-n-g, expecting and perceptually b-e-i-n-g this force of dominant, commanding muscular power (and all of what you sense that entails), slowly let the mental impression fade and let yourself easily drift off into a deep and restful slumber.

Alternate this mental set of greatness process with the four-step presleep success motivation process presented above. (One night perform the success motivation process, the next the mental set process.) Doing that will make personal power and striking size increases stop being wished-for fantasies and start becoming your demonstrable reality.

Editor’s note: Self-help author, seminar leader and personal-change specialist Peter C. Siegel is America’s foremost sports and peak-performance hypnotherapist. You can review his acclaimed self-help, personal-success-development, mega-confidence-building programs at www.incrediblechange .com, or call the PowerMind order desk at (310) 280-3269. The programs come with Siegel’s unique, results-guaranteed assurance. IM

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