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Nicole on a Roll?

ironmanmagazine.comGuess Erin Stern has decided to stop doing the Figure International. The two-time Olympia champ mused about it after taking second and then third in 2012 and ’13, so it’s not a shocker that her name is absent from the list this time. Not absent: Nicole Wilkins, who surpassed expectations with her up-a-notch development at the O and took back her title from Erin (again). Candice Keene (pictured), the defending champ, is no doubt keen to go delt to delt with Nicole, and Heather Dees, runner-up to Candice, will be anxious to make a good impression. Also threats for a top-five finish are Ann Titone, Candice Lewis and Alicia Coates, among others in a lineup of 17.

My money’s on Wilkins to rock the stage with her fourth Figure I win. Any takers?


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