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Maggie Lane

Photography by Jerry Fredrick
Location: Gold’s Gym, Venice, CA


Height: 5’7”    

Weight: 125

7207-maggielaneWhy did you start training? I wanted to challenge myself, mentally and physically, with something new! As an athlete—a former gymnast—I have never done such a specific training program as this before. It’s a program where nutrition, workouts and lifestyle come together to sculpt the body with a focus, detail and purpose. I love it.

Training: Five days a week weights, six to seven days a week cardio

Bodypart split: Monday: plyometrics; Tuesday: back, core; Wednesday: chest, biceps, calves; Thursdays: legs, yoga; Friday: shoulder, triceps, calves

Sample bodypart routine (shoulders): Lateral raises, 3 x 15; front raises, 3 x 15; rear-delt raises, 3 x 15; handstand pushups, 3 x 10; seated rows, 3 x 11; presses, 3 x 15

Diet: I eat six meals a day. All meals are nutritionally balanced, clean and healthy. My diet consists of oats, sweet potatoes, chicken, fish, sometimes steak, green veggies, salads, avocados and almonds.

Factoids: I love to sing! I got one of my degrees in opera performance. So you might find me singing or humming randomly throughout the day. I was also an international elite gymnast as a child. I loved tumbling, flipping and twisting. To provide balance and a bit of serenity in my life, I do yoga. It keeps me in the moment, calm and focused.


Twitter: MaggieLane123
Instagram: MaggieLane123


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