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Lose-Win Situations

Even if you don?t take home the top trophy, you still win.

It’s almost axiomatic that after every physique contest there will be at least five competitors who think they should have won. They go away feeling like losers because the judges didn’t agree. Obviously, they have a competitive goal orientation. I understand their disappointment, but I wish they could see their performance in a more positive light. Only one person can take the top trophy home, but many more go away winners. In my view, the real winner, the person who really benefits from the contest’any contest’is the person who knows he or she did better than ever before and takes joy in the prospect of making further improvements.

That’s what I recommend. Don’t allow your motivation to be affected by things beyond your control. Focus on your own progress. One of the keys to progress is wise goal setting.

‘Clarence Bass, Challenge Yourself

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