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Leg Training P/RR/S Style

PRRS training

Q: I am currently using your Hybrid-Power/Rep Range/Shock training at home with extremely limited equipment—a flat bench with leg extension/leg curl, a barbell, plates and a rack for squats—that’s it. Can you please suggest a killer workout for quads and hams that I can do?

A: Sure, I would be happy to.

Squats, 5/0/X tempo 3 x 4-6

Alternating lunges, 2/1/2 tempo

1 x 13-15, 1 x 10-12, 1 x 7-9


Leg extensions, 3/0/1/1 tempo

2 x 10-12

Barbell hack squats,

3/0/1/1 tempo 2 x 7-9

Lying leg curls, 5/1/X tempo 3 x 4-6

Stiff-legged deadlift, 3/0/1 tempo

1 x 13-15, 1 x 10-12, 1 x 7-9


Lying leg curls (torso up on

elbows), 2/1/1 tempo 2 x 7-9

Straight-leg barbell good mornings,

3/1/1 tempo 2 x 10-12

Enjoy the pain and welcome the growth!

—Eric Broser


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