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Jack Your Testosterone
A spectacular Natural Test Booster

Testosterone can boost lagging sex drive, improve muscle mass and charge the energy batteries.

Testosterone is the holy grail for serious bodybuilders. No other hormone so strongly influences your workout results. Testosterone influences not just muscle growth but also leanness, mood, sex’even success in business, in some cases. The bottom line: More than any other single factor, testosterone levels make the difference between bodybuilding gains or stagnation.

From Enemy to Friend
For decades bodybuilders and other athletes have been obsessed with raising testosterone to the high end of normal’or beyond. Taking testosterone, or its Frankenstein cousin anabolic steroids, is a time-honored method of increasing the benefits of testosterone. Of course, nothing is free in life, and those drugs come with side effects. Today virtually every sports body’even Major League Baseball’tests for testosterone, anabolic steroids or both.

A radical shift is occurring, however, but it’s happening quietly. Testosterone is now sought by the masses. Men reaching middle age follow healthy diets, work out and look for other anti-aging strategies. They’ve discovered that testosterone can boost lagging sex drive, improve muscle mass and charge the energy batteries. Men are using testosterone patches and gels at an ever-increasing rate’and testomania will continue to grow as pharmaceutical companies continue to push it.

Natural Test Boosters
A number of surprising factors can boost testosterone levels. Seeing your favorite team win, getting a raise or watching porn all raise testosterone. Some men’like linebackers and defense attorneys’have naturally high levels.

The biggest advance in natural testosterone boosting has been pro-hormones, a.k.a. the andros. There are a number of andro supplements. They all have confusing names and slightly different chemical structures, but basically, all andros work the same way: by providing precise precursors, or building blocks, the body needs to boost test levels. The scientific record on andros is not particularly positive, but andros are banned by most sports organizations’indirect testimony to their effectiveness.

A Natural Pro-hormone
I’ve come across a very potent pro-hormone that promises to be the next evolutionary step to a more powerful natural test booster. While it increases testosterone significantly, it’s very different from the andros. First and foremost, in contrast to the andros, which are synthetic, or created in labs, the new pro-hormone is natural and organic.

It’s called Eurycoma longifolia, or Longjack. Longjack is a funny name, but soon the bodybuilding world will be buzzing about this effective, natural, legal pro-hormone.

The Longjack plant grows wild in Malaysia. For centuries people in that part of the world have used it as an aphrodisiac, and compelling research appears to confirm its power to naturally boost testosterone levels. Admittedly, the studies so far have used rats, not bodybuilders, but androgen research often uses rats before humans because they share similar metabolic pathways. In other words, Longjack works for rats’and most likely for humans too.

The research record for Longjack is substantial and varied, ranging from its properties as an immune booster to testosterone elevation. The most interesting studies involve the use of very clever but bizarre controls to determine how effective Longjack is in significantly raising testosterone levels. It turns out that the degree to which it does that is quite remarkable.

Shocking Results
There are hundreds of studies in which researchers use electric shocks to test behavior and motivation. Of those, maybe the most compelling are the studies that use shocks as a test of motivation and will’in other words, how much pain an animal will endure to accomplish something. What will make an animal go beyond its normal pain threshold to get whatever it wants? Apparently, Longjack does just that.

Doctors Ang and Sim of the School of Pharmaceutical Science in Malaysia got some male rats and put them on one side of a cage that was divided by an electrified grid. Then they brought in female rats in heat and put them on the other side of the cage. When a male rat crossed the grid to get a date, he was shocked silly, causing him to jump straight up in the air. The scientists eventually dialed in a voltage that stopped all the rats from trying to get to the females. That’s a strong shock because female rats in heat release chemicals that drive male rats crazy.

Then they fed Longjack to some of the male rats. Things changed. Those that got the Longjack got such an increase in testosterone that they actually endured the horrible shock to get to the females. Once over the grid, they had sex. Better sex, longer sex’well, you get the idea. With Longjack the rats’ testosterone was raised so much, they tolerated the shock that the undosed male rats would not.

Think of it this way. You’re on one side of a room and Pamela Anderson, wearing a skimpy bikini, is on the other side’and she wants you badly. You walk over to see her, but halfway there you get a jolt that stands your hair on end like Don King’s. The shock is so bad, you stumble back to your side of the room. Then you take some Longjack, after which you accept the shock. You endure the voltage because your testosterone is so elevated, almost nothing but death can stop you from your objective, which in this scenario is Pamela.

That’s what testosterone does’it makes men and other male animals fight each other to the death. The ability to raise testosterone to that level with a natural plant extract is important news for natural bodybuilders.

Castrated but Still Horny
Castration, the surgical removal of the testes, is every male’s nightmare. They do it to horses to reduce aggression. Castration takes the zip out of males. In fact, it was used in times past to block the urges of sexual predators. These days chemical castration achieves the same end.

What does castration have to do with Longjack? Researchers gave it to castrated male rats for 10 days and then put them in a cage with female rats to see if the males would just lie around and get fat like other castrated rats. The Longjack males’ testosterone shot up, and they got turned on in a major way. They mated more, had more orgasms and even had growth in their seminal vesicles, the places where sperm is made. That’s an astounding result.

So Longjack appears to be the real deal’a powerful pro-hormone capable of increasing testosterone levels, even in castrated animals’and it’s an all-natural plant extract. I predict Longjack will soon be a major advance in natural, legal, safe testosterone boosting. Natural bodybuilding is now poised for extreme advances. Once you jack up your testosterone, the time you spend in the gym will be more productive than ever.

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