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It?s a Secret Top Bodybuilders Around the World Are Using to Get Huge, Shredded Muscle?and It?s Not a Pro-hormone

If you’re interested in adding pounds of pure rock-hard muscle in the next month, keep reading. The next five minutes can make the difference between getting 100 percent out of your efforts in the gym and continuing to waste your time with nothing to show for it. The vital info that follows is the difference between having the body you truly want and deserve and wishing you looked like someone else. You owe yourself five minutes to find out.

Who the Hell Am I?

First things first. Let’s get acquainted. My name is Larry Pepe, and I’ve been involved in bodybuilding on virtually every level for the past 20 years. I’ve competed and finished in the top five at the drug-free USA, National and Universe championships. I’ve been an NPC national bodybuilding judge for 10 years, and I’ve advised some top bodybuilding personalities and superstars about their training, diet and supplementation.

I’ve had the opportunity to go one-on-one with the best bodybuilders on the planet’from Mr. Olympias to national-level competitors and virtually any top professional Flexer you can name. To say that I’ve learned a lot about the reality of getting crazy muscularity interviewing these guys would be an understatement.

I Know How You Feel and What You Want

But remember one thing: My passion for bodybuilding comes from my own desire to get big, shredded muscle. Trust me, I was just like you. I wanted to get bigger, stronger and shredded all at the same time. And I wanted it to happen as fast as possible’every bodybuilder’s dream. I trained my ass off and ate enough protein to feed a family of five. I made some improvements, but I just didn’t feel that I was getting the results I deserved. I tried tons of products that promised to do all sorts of things, and most of them did absolutely nothing except upset my stomach and drain my wallet.

A Surgery That Caused the Birth of a Muscular Revolution

Then I had a 10-hour surgery back in 1999 that changed my bodybuilding life forever. I had a very progressive surgeon who knew that the recuperation could be really tough, so he put me on a regimen of homeopathic formulas to help. I’d heard of such products, but all I knew was that they’re the most popular supplements available without a prescription in Europe. After years of using worthless natural products, though, I figured they were worthless too. The doctor felt strongly about it, however, and since I was so eager to recuperate, I was willing to try anything.

I Was Shocked, and So Was My Doctor

My rapid recovery was staggering. The very next day, after 10 hours of surgery, I walked’yes walked’into my doctor’s office with everyone looking at me in amazement. ‘No one has ever walked upright the day after what you went through. How are you walking?’ Nine days later I was back in the gym getting back to business.

Now that I was healthy, my first thought was that if homeopathics could help with recuperation, I should be able to use homeopathic formulas to get big and ripped fast. After that surgery I needed immediate help because I didn’t look too good.

It made total sense to me. After all, anabolic steroids weren’t initially designed to develop bodybuilding physiques but to assist people who were sick and weak and couldn’t stop losing weight and strength. Because they were so effective, though, bodybuilders soon began using them to get huge and muscular. So my logic regarding using homeopathics designed for recuperation to build muscle, shed fat and increase strength is the same logic that brought performance-enhancing drugs to bodybuilders in the first place.

I extensively researched homeopathics on the Internet and in medical libraries and books and found out that they’ve been around for more than 200 years’the real deal. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Human and Experimental Toxicology analyzed 135 studies on the amazing substances and concluded that the data were undeniable: Homeopathics have very real and positive effects. ALL Bad News, Good News

The bad news was that no one had designed homeopathics specifically for the needs of bodybuilders. The good news for you, though, is that my experience was so convincing, I was determined to formulate the perfect anabolic homeopathics myself.

I took everything I knew about bodybuilding, supplementation and even the combinations of different prescription drugs that many of the top pros use. I knew the key to building muscle mass and burning bodyfat revolved around manipulating and controlling testosterone, growth hormone and thyroid. I researched long and hard to create a legal steroid product combination that would do just that. I consulted with doctors, homeopathic experts and one of the largest labs in North America. There’s even a medically supervised clinical study on one of the components of the stack, the Extreme GH formula, the results of which show that it can significantly boost GH levels in less than two months.

Finally, after two years of painstaking effort, research and testing, I came up with the three products that make up the SprayFlex Extreme Anabolic Stack:

Extreme TEST’
Extreme GH’

Now It Was Time to Put the Stack to the Test Where It Mattered…the Gym and the Mirror

I anxiously started using the products myself. The results were staggering. In the first month I peeled away 10 pounds of fat, added a few pounds of muscle and got stronger. And the results just kept coming. In one year I went from being fat and out of shape’way out of shape’to having a rock-hard, muscular physique. Odds are, you’re in much better shape than I was, so if it did that for me, imagine what it can do for you. Okay, so far so good, but I know what you’re thinking. I own the company, so of course I’m gonna say the SprayFlex Stack works. So I gave the products to other top athletes, trainers and other guys who just work out for themselves to see what kind of results they would get. They were skeptical, as I had been, but said they would give it a fair try.

A week later my phone started ringing off the hook.

‘How soon can you send me some more so that I don’t run out?’

‘This stuff is incredible. I’ve never been this impressed with anything.’

Can you believe it? The evidence was in. The anabolic stack of homeopathics I’d created really worked. Some of the top bodybuilders in the world, guys who’ve tried everything for gaining incredible muscle mass and destroying bodyfat, were calling me to say that the SprayFlex Extreme line of products were the most amazing bodybuilding formulas they’d ever used.

The best example of how powerful and physique-altering the SprayFlex Anabolic Extreme Stack really is can be seen in the amazing transformation of ’04 Heavyweight USA Champ and new IFBB Pro Will ‘World’ Harris. I’ll let him tell you what SprayFlex did for him, in his own words:

‘I’ve always been the guy with amazing potential who couldn’t quite pull it together. I’m part Samoan, and getting my weight down to contest shape has always been a challenge. In fact, I couldn’t qualify for national competition for years because of it.

‘Then I went on the SprayFlex Extreme Anabolic Stack. I started at 285 pounds and 25 percent bodyfat. Big, but really smooth. Okay, fat. I immediately noticed that my strength levels and muscular endurance jumped up, making it easier to do cardio and intensify my workouts. I also noticed that I was getting wicked pumps. By my second month everyone was asking what I was doing. ‘When it came time to get ready for the ’04 season, I was excited because I was already leaner than I’d ever been when starting to prep for a show. A few months later I showed up at the Los Angeles Championships at 235 shredded pounds and 3.2 percent bodyfat. I won the overall, just as fellow Team SprayFlex member, Mark Dugdale, had the year before. I’d lost more than 60 pounds of bodyfat while gaining more than 13 pounds of pure muscle mass, and it was almost easy.

‘The next week I went to the USA Championships, won my class and got my pro card. SprayFlex is the missing link that helped me transform my physique from a ‘guy with potential who is just too heavy’ to an IFBB professional bodybuilder. I’ve tried everything to unlock my potential, but SprayFlex is, by far, the most cutting-edge stuff you can use. This stuff will revolutionize bodybuilding forever and make building muscle and getting shredded easier and safer.’

That’s when I knew it was time to share these products with the rest of the guys out there who want to have the best, most muscular and ripped physique possible’fast’without having to use illegal drugs. You owe it to yourself to try SprayFlex, and now you can through a special IRON MAN Research Team offer. Call (800) 447-0008 and ask for the SprayFlex Special. You’ll get Extreme Test, GH and Thyro-Pro (three bottles) for only $129 (you save $70!). It’s time to get big, muscular and inside-out shredded. IM

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