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From the IRONMAN Training & Research Center

Anyone who’s ever tried to lose bodyfat has encountered a major problem. It’s not as easy as it should be. You’d think that simply by following a weight-training regimen, performing cardio consistently and cutting calories, you’d get rid of all unwanted fat. Although that approach makes sense, it rarely results in washboard abs, sliced legs and a shredded, rock-hard torso. Instead, most people who take the traditional approach to fat loss end up as smaller versions of themselves, with only a minimal amount of fat lost in the process. Despite all the hard work and sacrifice, you usually lose muscle instead of fat.

Not fair, is it? You don’t even have to answer that question.

There is a solution, but first you need a basic understanding of why the seemingly logical combination of reduced calories and increased exercise’cardio and weight training’doesn’t always work. When you reduce calories, your body slows the rate at which it uses energy; in other words, your metabolism slows down. Your body doesn’t know whether you’re reducing calories on purpose or facing famine conditions. So slowing down the metabolic processes, including the use of stored energy like bodyfat, is a defense mechanism for survival. It’ll keep you alive, but it’ll also make it a helluva lot harder than it should be to get ripped.

Sure, some people can cut up simply by reducing calories and increasing cardio, but they’re the exceptions. Most of us know all too well the disappointing truth of getting smaller but not leaner and tighter. So if decreasing calories’especially carb calories’slows the metabolism, how do you overcome your body’s own tendencies to protect its precious energy sources and turn fat into the preferred energy source?

The key factor in getting your body to burn fat is to attack the fat from both the outside and the inside by using powerful compounds that accomplish immediate fat-burning results. Since the thyroid gland is basically the control center that determines how fast and efficiently your metabolism functions, it’s crucial to optimize your thyroid’s activity. Also, with recent advances in fat-burning technology, there’s finally a transdermal, or topical, fat-burning gel that actually enhances the loss of fat in specific areas. It’s the double-edged approach of metabolic enhancement’that is, fat burning from the inside’plus spot reduction through a revolutionary new gel’fat burning from the outside’that practically guarantees the fastest fat loss possible.

The Inside Attack
Bodybuilders have used thyroid-replacement therapy for years. Recently, supplements like Triax, Thyrocuts and Tiratricol’which are degradation hormones of T3, or triiodothyronine’were introduced and effected amazing fat loss for those who used them. Some people reported losses of up to 50 pounds in just two months. Obviously, those are extreme cases. There’s no guarantee that everyone will get similar results. In fact, most bodybuilders aren’t interested in losing that much bodyweight. The fact remains, however, that thyroid-replacement therapy in the form of T3-degradation hormones has proven extremely effective for metabolic stimulation’specifically fat burning.

Here’s a little background. There are several thyroid hormones, all of which are released by the pituitary gland when activated by thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH). TSH and thyroid-releasing hormone (TRH) are closely related, and increases in T4 or T3 affect their release.

The first thyroid hormone formed is T4, or thyroxine. T3 is derived from T4, and T2 is derived from T3 through the process of deiodination. An iodine molecule is taken from T4 to form T3, and from T3 to form T2. Even though T4 is the starting point, it’s not the most powerful thyroid hormone. T3 is three to five times more effective for stimulating the metabolism.

There’s no doubt that T3 is potent, and supplements like Triax, Thyrocuts and Tiratricol’though not specifically T3 but, rather, a degradation hormone of T3’were very effective for fat loss. The main concern is that T3 increases protein oxidation, otherwise known as muscle breakdown. So, while you were burning a moderate amount of fat, you were sacrificing some muscle in the process. With T3-degradation hormone supplements the ratio of fat to muscle burned is reportedly 3-to-1. So for every four pounds of weight lost, three pounds is fat but one pound is muscle.

No one wants to lose muscle, under any circumstances’especially considering how hard it is to come by and how much effort goes into building lean mass. Still, a 3-to-1 ratio isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. There’s got to be something better than T3.

The thyroid gland causes the body to produce and release TSH, which regulates the metabolic rate. When you use supplemental T3’which is a thyroid replacement, or substitute’your body doesn’t have to release TSH because it’s getting it from the supplemental T3. Since the body will always attempt to maintain its balance, a state known as homeostasis, a thyroid supplement will diminish your natural production of TSH. Short term, that’s not a problem, but over extended periods of time, if TSH is inhibited, it can cause an actual slowdown in the metabolism.

Because of that’and other factors’T3-degradation supplements were taken off the market. Fortunately, an extremely potent and more effective alternative was recently isolated and made available. T2 (diiodothyronine) is very closely related to T3 in its ability to cause extreme fat loss, but it doesn’t inhibit TSH release to the same degree. T2 is not as likely to cause a reduction in your body’s natural release of TSH, so you won’t experience a metabolic slowdown when you stop using it. With T2 you get all the benefits of thyroid enhancement while minimizing unwanted side effects.

Essentially, T2 is the perfect fat burner. Remember the 3-to-1 ratio that occurs with T3? T2 is nearly twice as effective as T3, as the ratio of fat to muscle lost is 5-to-1.

That may not seem like a huge difference at first glance, but imagine if you had to spend $1,000 to make $3,000. That’s not a bad margin, but what if your cost remained $1,000, and your revenue increased to $5,000? That’s almost double the return for the same cost. In terms of your physique, you’ll burn fat without really tapping into your muscle mass.

The reason T2 can effectively increase the metabolic rate is that it increases the uncoupling proteins inside the mitochondria of the cells. That probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it’s of the utmost importance if you’re interested in burning fat and keeping your muscle mass intact. An increase in uncoupling proteins enhances thermogenesis, or fat loss, by forcing calories to be released as body heat instead of being stored as fat. That’s just one remarkable ability of T2. It means your body becomes much more inclined to use the carbs and fats you eat as energy while synthesizing protein for muscle gains instead of storing the excess calories as fat.

That’s not all, however. Because your body is now functioning at an optimal level, T2 elevates your resting metabolic rate so you’ll burn even more fat even while inactive. And because T2 doesn’t activate the cell-specific cites responsible for protein oxidation and TSH inhibition, you’ll likely burn fat as the primary energy source. That translates into a ripped physique, with none of the unwanted side effects associated with T4 and T3, namely muscle lost along with the fat and a significant decrease in TSH.

As you can see, T2 is the much more ideal thyroid hormone, but you still have to follow recommended guidelines regarding dosage. Yes, it’s safer than T3, but that doesn’t mean you can take megadoses. The proper dose for most individuals is 100 to 400 micrograms per day. Never exceed 400 micrograms per day, and take no more than 100 micrograms within any four-to-six-hour period. You should take T2 first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Three-to-four-week cycles are the safest approach. Ideally, you should take it during strict dieting for best results.

For the fastest fat burning to occur, the body needs between 100 and 140 grams of carbs per day to maintain adequate thyroid levels. That runs contrary to many low-carb and zero-carb approaches, but reducing carbs below 100 grams per day’or eliminating them altogether for days at a time’is not conducive to fat loss. Most often you sacrifice muscle. Eliminating or severely restricting carbs will bring about quick weight loss, but most of the loss will be intracellular water, the water responsible for muscle fullness, and muscle itself’not fat!

That’s not a license to feast on carbs. One hundred to 140 grams is not a lot of carbs, only 400 to 560 calories. Greatly exceeding your carb quota will slow down the fat-burning process. You need just enough carbs to spark your metabolism but not so much that you smother it.

The Outside Attack
Once you’ve got your internal furnace burning bodyfat from the inside, you simply need to add the world’s only proven fat-burning gel to the program to torch the fat from the outside. For years topical fat-burning potions have been marketed to bodybuilders, but because most of them offered little in the way of results, they’re approached with skepticism. The premise of a spot-reducing product is solid, but so far the delivery systems have left much to be desired. Consequently, most products have been met with excitement but never lived up to their claims.

It’s not that the products lacked the proper ingredients. Most of them contained some of the ingredients necessary to stimulate fat loss, but none could provide them in a delivery system that actually penetrated the skin so they’d be absorbed. That all changed, however, with the introduction of the most technologically advanced fat-burning gel ever created, Lipoburn.

Lipoburn is a combination of the five most powerful fat-burning agents, yohimbine HCL, which blocks fat absorption; forskolin, which causes the body to naturally produce enzymes to burn fat faster; usnic acid, which increases the metabolic rate to use more energy to burn more fat; aminophylline, which accesses fat as the primary energy source; and theophylline, a caffeine derivative that works in tandem with aminophylline. Recent studies indicate that the combination of aminophylline and theophylline is an effective treatment for cellulite in the hips and thighs.

If the specific formulation in Lipoburn can cause significant fat loss in people who are suffering from cellulite, imagine how effective it will be for bodybuilders trying to get that beyond-shredded look.

As you can see, Lipoburn contains the key ingredients for maximum fat burning. But what about the problem of actually getting the body to absorb the ingredients? Lipoburn distinguishes itself from every other similar product because its unique delivery system guarantees that the fat-burning properties will be able to perform their magic. After years of meticulous research and development researchers discovered a method to effectively dissolve the fat-burning components in Lipoburn. It’s specifically formulated with a cutting-edge combination of transdermal carriers that transport the potent fat-burning compounds through the skin and into the bloodstream, where they can massacre fat.

Even so, it’s not only the delivery system that’s crucial; it’s the fact that all the fat-burning agents in Lipoburn are dissolved in the carrier solution before it’s mixed with the hardening compounds. That means Lipoburn’s fat-burning formula and delivery system are mixed together in solution before being made into a gel. That extra all-important step ensures that Lipoburn is the first topical fat burner to penetrate the skin barrier.

To emphasize how important the delivery system is, without the transdermal carriers in Lipoburn, its powerful ingredients would be rendered practically useless. Imagine if you didn’t have the key to your car’s gas cap, so you simply sprayed gas on the locked gas cap in the hopes that some fuel would get in your gas tank. You’re putting the gas in the right general area, so it should work, right? Obviously, none of the fuel would get where it could do any good. Well, Lipoburn possesses the key’the transdermal carriers’to open up the lock’your skin, which is the barrier to the bloodstream’so that the full potency of its fat-burning compounds goes to work on obliterating all the bodyfat it comes in contact with.

The Fat-Terminating Deal
With the combination of the oral thyroid hormone T2 product, Thyrocuts II, and the topical fat burner, Lipoburn, your bodyfat doesn’t stand a chance of survival. Thyrocuts II will activate your metabolism to quickly burn bodyfat while sparing lean muscle tissue. Lipoburn will help you target specific problem areas where stubborn fat previously refused to leave. In no time at all your body will begin to look like the physiques you’ve always admired in the magazines. What you thought were impossibilities’a ripped six-pack, cut legs, a striated chest’will now become a reality.

To order the amazing new Fat Terminator stack, call toll-free, 1-800-447-0008. You’ll get two bottles of Thyrocuts II and two jars of Lipoburn for only $99.95, a savings of $60’and we’ll even throw in an IRONMAN Training & Research Center T-shirt, so have your size handy when you order. IM


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