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Iron Man’s Hardbody: Timea Majorova / Slovakian Sizzle

Slovakian Sizzle. Timea Majorova’s Got One Smokin’ Set of Assets.

In the fitness industry stars often rise and then fall just as quickly. Timea Majorova is definitely an exception. Every year we see more of her, and I don't know of a single person who'd complain about that. As evidenced by Michael Neveux's photos in this feature, she seems to get more beautiful as time goes by, and after chatting with her on a flight to Columbus last year, I can honestly say she's got the personality to back up the beauty. Timea's at a point where she feels she may have reached a pinnacle in fitness competition, however, and she's moving on to other things'but I'll let her reveal her plans.

JL: First, you look incredible in these photos! And, as always, your accent definitely adds to your seductive appeal. You're originally from Slovakia, right?

TM: Yes, I'm from a small village of about 10,000 people. I had a very happy childhood growing up with my twin brother.

JL: Was it tough having a twin brother around all the time?

TM: I was a bit of a tomboy, actually. I would always be swimming in the river and playing soccer with the boys. I've always been very athletic.

JL: I'm not sure I can picture you as a tomboy, but you definitely look as if you've always been athletic. How old were you when you left Slovakia to pursue your fitness career?

TM: I left my parents when I was 14 and started studying physical therapy in Bratislava, the capital of my country. The first Slovakian fitness contest I saw was on television when I was 18. The next year I was ready to compete, and I got second place in the Slovakian Championships. It took me four years to become a pro'I won the '97 European and World Championships. My dream came true when I came to America and competed in professional fitness competitions here.

JL: It sounds as though you had a lot of preparation time before coming to the U.S. and competing here.

TM: Yes, I was a pro for four years, so that gave me a lot of experience, allowed me to travel and meet interesting people and helped make my English better. It's been great being in the top five at the Fitness Olympia for the past five years.

JL: Are you saying you've come to the end of your competitive career?

TM: I do feel like I've reached my goals in fitness contests, and I think I'm ready to challenge myself with other goals. I'd like to do some acting, go through some more education and make my English even better. Those goals are my motivating factors now.

JL: So does that mean you've officially retired from competitive fitness?

TM: Yes, I won't compete in fitness shows any longer. I was never a gymnast and ended up hurting my back. I did a lot of gymnastics training, but I realized it would never be enough for the judges. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll get back into competing, but it would only be in the new figure division. For now I'm mainly concentrating on my two-year acting school.

JL: What about all your fans? Will you still be making appearances and being available to your fan club?

TM: Yes, I still have my Web site, and I'm very excited about meeting my fans at the '03 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. I'd also like to thank all of them for their support. It's a great feeling to be in a new country and get so many nice e-mails and letters. Thank you.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 134
Age: 28
Marital status: Married
Current residence: Santa Monica, California
Hometown: Zeliezovce, Slovakia
Beauty/anti-aging secret: 'Healthy food, no smoking, no alcohol, a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night and skin therapy, including saunas and steam rooms.'
Favorite foods: Mahi-mahi and chicken fajitas
Favorite activity with your husband: Tennis, hiking and traveling
Future plans: 'I love children and would like to have two kids. I'm going to continue working on myself, being the best at everything I do, and one day I will be a great mother.'

Sample bodypart program: Legs

Smith-machine squats 3 x 20
Leg presses 3 x 20
Hack squats (facing the machine) 3 x 20
Walking lunges 3 x 50

Timea trains with weights three times per week.

Editor's note: To join Timea Majorova's fan club, visit IM

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