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Iron Man’s Hardbody: Tanya Taylor – Spectacular Vixen

Interview with popular Swimsuit Spectacular fitness model

One of our newest and most popular fitness models from the 'Swimsuit Spectacular Video #8' is Tanya Taylor. The camera loves this fitness vixen, and considering the double-takes her physique gets, it's not difficult to see why'and why I was more than a little intrigued to interview her.

JL: The photos in IRONMAN are the first I've seen of you. Have you competed, or are you just a fitness model?

T: I'm currently a fitness model and professional dance instructor, but I'm going to begin

JL: If you weren't so involved in fitness, what do you think you'd be doing instead?

T:I'd probably be acting or singing.

JL: You're obviously not a shy person. Are those things you'll likely pursue in the future?

T: I have a minor in business, so I plan to put that to use by opening a gym with a partner in South Florida. It'll feature a health food cafe, massage therapy, private trainers and a tanning salon'specifically Mystic Tan, for those who don't want to avoid UV rays.

JL: I'll have to scam a free pass from you when I'm in the area. Living in Florida, you must be spoiled by all the nice weather and beaches. Where in the world would you take a vacation?

T: I do love the beach. In fact, one of my favorite things to do at night with my fianc' is to head down to the beach with a blanket and sit and cuddle while we listen to the waves crash. It's just so peaceful. For vacations I really love Northern California. It has all the elements of nature'ocean, mountains, forests'and year-round great weather. Nothing beats getting a bit of R and R at a nice spa retreat in that area.

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 115

Age: 27

Marital status: Engaged

Current residence: Delray, FL

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Hobbies and other interests: Traveling, boating, skiing, hiking, singing and dancing.

Favorite foods (healthful and not-so-healthful): Nitro-Tech peanut butter chocolate chip bars and pizza with extra sauce, mushrooms and cheese

Beauty/anti-aging secrets: Lots of sleep, a healthful diet (fruits, vegetables, grains and plenty of protein), at least a gallon of water each day and, most important, a positive attitude.

Sample bodypart program: Back
Lat pulldowns 3 x 12
Close-grip cable rows 3 x 12
Narrow-grip pulldowns 3 x 12
Wide-grip machine rows 3 x 12
Note: Sets listed do not include warmups.

Tanya trains with weights five times per week for 1 1/2 hours at each session. She ends each bodypart workout with stretching and follows every workout with 30 minutes of cardio.

Editor's note: To contact Tanya, send e-mail to [email protected]. Visit her Web site at

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