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Iron Man’s Hardbody: Lena Johannesen

Lena Johannesen’s Feisty Physique Will Get You Dazed and Confused.

By the time this issue hits newsstands, I'll have spent an entire weekend with one of the top professional fitness athletes in the IFBB, Lena Johannesen. Of course, that time together will have been passed in the IRONMAN booth at the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio, and it will only have amounted to a few hours each day. She'll have been too busy competing and signing autographs to even notice I'm around. Hey, but I can still technically say that I spent the weekend with her.

Before that trip to Columbus, Johannesen had a few moments to spare and granted me the pleasure of an interview. Here's what she had to say:

JL: It's great to see all the exposure you're getting in the magazines. Will you continue to compete in IFBB fitness shows, or will you pursue more modeling jobs now?

LJ: I want to compete in fitness or figure until I have no more desire to do so, but I do love the modeling part of the business. I'll definitely continue to compete for now, though.

JL: How long have you been training?

LJ: I started as a competitive swimmer, which I did for seven years, but I've been weight training for 16 years. My mom was actually a bodybuilder in the early '80s, so I'm sure that's helped to push me forward.

JL: What else do you do aside from the competitions and modeling, and what do you think you'd like to do after you're through competing?

LJ: I'm currently building my own personal training business, FITBIZ, which is going very well. I'd like to continue with that, as well as put more effort toward making my Web site,, more successful. I'll always do my best to educate and to be a good role model for all people looking for a healthier lifestyle. I do want to settle down soon, get a house, have one or two kids and be the best mom and wife that I can be. Being happy, healthy and comfortable would mean success for me.

JL: Planning for kids already, eh? I take it you have a significant other then?

LJ: Yes, I've been with my boyfriend, Marc, for two years now.

JL: Oh, that's too bad'I mean, that's great! [Laughs] Seriously, thanks for your time, and I'll see you in Columbus.

LJ: Thank you. I'm looking forward to it.

Height: 5'6'

Weight: 127 (competition)

Age: 'Blooming.'

Marital status: Single (boyfriend, Marc)

Current residence: Los Angeles

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Beauty/anti-aging secret: 'Staying active, getting eight hours of sleep every night, sticking to a healthy diet, being true to myself and giving and receiving love and appreciation for the smaller things in life.'

Favorite food: Chicken stir-fry and pasta jambalaya with garlic bread

Favorite activity with your significant other: 'Um, well, the second favorite is traveling and scuba diving.'

Web site:

Sample bodypart program: Legs and glutes
Squats (wide stance) 3 x 15
Squats (narrow stance) 3 x 15
Lunges 3-4 x 10
Leg extensions 3 x 15
Lying leg curls 4 x 15
Stiff-legged deadlifts 3 x 15
Adductor machine 3 x 20
Abductor machine 3 x 20
Butt Blaster machine 3 x 15

Lena trains with weights four times per week.

Editor's note: To contact Lena Johannesen for guest-appearances or endorsements or for personal training in the West Los Angeles area, send e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]. Her mailing address is Lena Johnnesen, P.O. Box 325, Culver City, CA 90232. Also, visit her Web site, IM

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