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Iron Man’s Hardbody: Christina Lindley

Lindley’s Fitness Future Is Bright

christina lindley

Exotic Looks and High Voltage!

If Christina Lindley looks familiar, it's not without reason. Lately she seems to be everywhere. She's appeared in just about every bodybuilding and fitness magazine you can think of, as well as in several mainstream magazines, like FHM and Maxim. You'll also find her in ads for and on the expo circuit, where she's always a popular attraction at the booth. In fact, she was a big draw at the fantastic '05 IRON MAN FitExpo in Pasadena, California.

You may have seen Christina on TV, in the movies or even in commercials. Wherever you catch her act, keep your sunglasses on 'cause this star is shining bright and rising fast.

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 lbs
Age: 23
Current residence: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Occupation: Actress, model and writer

*photos by Michael Neveux

christina lindley
christina lindley christina lindley christina lindley christina lindley
Favorite foods:

Healthful: fish, especially ahi, halibut, swordfish and salmon, and shrimp
Less healthful: cheesecake or birthday-cake-flavored ice cream

Beauty/anti-aging secret:

I use a multivitamin, a good whey protein, digestive enzymes and an antioxidant, which are all supplied by I always use Kiehl's antiwrinkle cream around my eyes, and I also love Bioelements face products. I use Mystic Tan as opposed to the real thing whenever possible. I've noticed dramatic results in my overall health and appearance since I began drinking Alkaline Institute's high-alkaline water, available at Body Hobby stores.

Factoid: I'm an AFAA certified personal trainer.

Web site:

Editor's note: For more information visit Hair and Makeup by Yvonne Ouellette – Styling by Sarah Wallner –

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