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Vitamin D Increases Muscular Strength

By Sarah Chadwell, NASM CPT


You may have heard that vitamin D is important for the regulation of calcium, bone health and metabolism, but a new study shows that it may be linked to much more; it could help optimize muscle strength.

A team of researchers at the University of Birmingham investigated the roles of active versus inactive vitamin D in our bodies. They found that, “Individuals with an increased lean mass, and muscle bulk, had a higher level of active vitamin D in the bloodstream.”

One of the researchers, Dr. Hassan Smith, stated, “It may be that body fat is linked to increased levels of inactive vitamin D, but lean mass is the key for elevated levels of active vitamin D. It is vital to understand the complete picture, and the causal mechanisms at work, so we can learn how to supplement vitamin D intake to enhance muscle strength.”

How does this impact you? If you’re reading this article, you are likely interested in improving your overall muscle strength and lean muscle mass. If research shows that active vitamin D is now linked to muscle health, it may be time to make sure you’re supplementing with appropriate amounts.

However, it’s not as easy as just taking an over the counter supplement. To have active vitamin D in your bloodstream, it must be synthesized in both your liver and kidneys. This process requires sunlight to get kick started, so take your workouts outside. Then your body can begin the process of creating active vitamin D and help you to optimize the full potential of your muscles.

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