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Hard In, Soft Out

Why muscles are the rage.

Most bodybuilders’ overriding reason for continuing to train like animals is that they want to be as far from normal as possible.

A normal guy would never consider voluntarily subjecting himself to the agonizing pain and lactic acid buildup of a heavy leg workout. He doesn’t want to lift anything heavier than a slice of pizza or the TV remote control, and he certainly wouldn’t think of 400-pound squats as fun. Normal men have soft, flabby bodies and bellies that hang over their belts. Bodybuilders strive for a rock-hard six-pack. Average guys blend in with the crowd.

Bodybuilders want to stand out. They want everyone to know instantly that they’ve put in a lot of very hard work at the gym. If you want to blend into the faceless herd, that’s fine. But if you’re a serious bodybuilder, being called ‘normal’ would be a terrible insult. IM

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