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Fitness Modeling: Sharp and Shootable

Keep your body on target for surprise photo ops

If your goal is to work consistently as a fitness model, then I strongly recommend that you get in great shape and stay that way. No amount of carb loading, sodium depleting or diuretic can take the place of being ‘shootable’ year-round.

Here’s an example. I’m sitting in my office one day answering e-mail when I get a call from legendary IRONMAN photographer Michael Neveux.

‘Clark, we’re interested in shooting you for an upcoming cover.’ My immediate response was, ‘When do you want me there?’

‘How does three days from now work for you?’ he said.

That is what separates working fitness models from nonworking fitness models. I was in shape. If I hadn’t been, Mike would have moved on to the next model, one who was better prepared and took his job seriously. I decided long ago that modeling was the route I wanted to take, not bodybuilding. I competed successfully for many years but learned early on that the magazine industry has needs. With the hardcore market slowly taking a backseat to one seeking more of a fitness look, I knew I had to make a choice. I could be a bodybuilder or make my mark on the fitness scene.

You may be successful in both endeavors, but I’ve found that always being in shootable shape works best for me. There have been many times I was the second or third choice to appear on a magazine’s cover, but I got the job because I was ready when the call came. Lesson number one: Always be in shape!

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