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Fitness America: She?s Craven All Her Love

Plus ?01 Fitness America Pageant Top 5 results.

December 4, 2001 Report

LAS VEGAS’Tennessee’s Stacy Cravens blasted from 15th-with-a-bullet status at the Fitness Universe last spring to hit a bull’s-eye on December 1: number one at the ’01 Fitness America Pageant. She sped ahead of former FAP champ Ruscha Kouril, who made her best showing since her own victory in 1999. The 96 nicely formed FAP hopefuls who took the stage at the Cashman Center Theater included numerous new faces and figures. One of them, Houston’s Natalie Hunt, made it into the top five.

’01 Fitness America Pageant

1) Stacy Cravens
2) Ruscha Kouril
3) Allison Ethier
4) Natalee Kan-Ardon
5) Natalie Hunt

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