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Fat-Burning Firestorm

New resculpturing compounts: Adipokinetix and Triac

Yes, the new millennium is upon us, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a new era in bodybuilding, and it’s being ushered in by a whole new class of supplements that have the ability to revolutionize the industry’not to mention your body! In other words, what you’re about to read may change your life forever.

For the past several years I’ve been aggressively studying and researching methods of fat loss. My first innovation was the ultrapotent adrenergic stimulator Adipokinetix. Unlike the traditional ephedrine-caffeine-and-aspirin fat burner, Adipokinetix contains 1R,2S norephedrine HCl, which is much more thermogenic and less jitter-causing than ephedrine or ephedra. Furthermore, it contains the fatty acid mobilizer yohimbine HCl and the thermogenic and diuretic methylxanthines theophylline and caffeine. Consequently, Adipokinetix has proven to be the most potent and effective fat burner of its type.

With the technology available at the time I developed Adipokinetix, I pushed weight loss through adrenergic stimulation to its limit. Then I started researching the thyroid system for possible fat-loss supplements, and I came up with guggulsterones, which potently stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones. Since thyroid hormones directly affect the metabolic rate, the increased thyroid hormones stimulated by the guggulsterones result in an increased metabolism and a subsequent increase in fat-loss potential.

Although I felt good about the results guggulesterones bring, I wasn’t satisfied that I’d tapped out the fat-loss potential of the thyroid system. As I dove deeper into the research, I stumbled across two compounds that are unique and extremely effective for fat loss. Although similar, they stimulate fat loss in totally different ways. One of them, triac, has been discussed in detail in past issues.

Triac is one of the new so-called resculpturing compounds that have hit the market. They can be used for both muscle gain and fat loss, depending on how they’re used, thus allowing people to actually ‘sculpt’ their bodies to the dimensions they want. Triac is unique in that it doesn’t actually raise the basal metabolic rate (BMR) but, instead, selectively deactivates the metabolism in muscle tissue and activates the metabolism in adipose tissue. Thus, you can lose a significant amount of fat with absolutely no muscle loss. Thousands of people have now tried triac and are in love with its effects. Many stack the Adipokinetix with it for a synergistic effect.

While Adipokinetix and triac are revolutionary supplements, they’ve been available for quite some time. So what could I be referring to when I say that a new era has dawned? You’d think it would be a compound that’s totally novel, extremely potent and very safe. To be honest, though, that’s just not the case. I want to introduce you to not just one but two new compounds, supplements that will melt fat off of your body faster than a blowtorch can melt soft butter!

My discovery of one of the compounds began with reports of 2,4 dinitrophenol (DNP) being a fantastic weight-loss agent. I began delving into the research behind DNP and found it to be an astoundingly potent product’able to raise the metabolic rate by 100 to 200 percent. After making sure it was safe to take, I ordered a small amount of DNP and began taking moderate doses. Within several hours I became very warm and felt as if I were in the process of exercising’even when I was sitting down. After two weeks I’d lost 10 pounds of bodyfat without losing even one pound of muscle mass. Furthermore, my strength in the gym increased, which is absolutely extraordinary. I decided to find something naturally occurring that could mimic DNP’s amazing effects.

While researching DNP, I’d noticed several interesting things. First, pharmaceutical companies have known about DNP for quite some time and have been searching for a patentable product that would be safe and mimic its effects. With a product that could safely effect weight loss and increased metabolism, they know they’ll quickly make hundreds of millions of dollars. I also found out that DNP’s effect on the body actually mimics exercise. In simple terms, DNP is ‘chemical exercise.’ That’s the reason I felt so great when I came off of DNP. Even when I wasn’t working out, my body thought it was vigorously exercising and adapted accordingly’including making my muscles hard and strong.

How does DNP work? The mechanisms involved are quite complex, but I’ll attempt to make it clear and relatively simple. DNP is what’s known as a classic uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation, which is the mitochondrial process that takes adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and converts it into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the high-energy molecule that the body uses for energy.

The body uses a lot of energy in converting ADP to ATP. Normally, the process is about 60 percent efficient, and the energy that’s not converted is wasted as heat’in this case body heat. DNP makes the process only 40 percent efficient by uncoupling the high-energy phosphate from the ATP and turning the ATP into ADP, while the energy from the uncoupling is dissipated as body heat. To maintain its normal supply of ATP, the body steps up its production’that is, increases its metabolism’and an incredible number of calories are burned in the process! The best part is that nearly all of the calories come from fatty acids; i.e., adipose tissue.

More than a year ago I started searching for compounds that would meet the criteria of being naturally occurring, having a high degree of safety and acting like a classic DNP-type uncoupler. At about that time I was researching a tea called Kombucha that’s been used for weight loss for thousands of years. The tea also has antimicrobial properties.

At the time I couldn’t understand why it was causing weight loss, so I decided to research all of its ingredients. I was amazed to discover that the tea contains usnic acid’a compound I came across while looking at uncouplers. Sure enough, it turned out that usnic acid is a potent classic uncoupler like DNP and readily occurs in Kombucha. Bingo!

Although I’d overcome many obstacles, I still needed to find a readily available source of a highly concentrated Kombucha or even pure usnic acid. Eventually, I found a source of pure usnic acid in Brazil and a high-tech tea manufacturer in Indonesia who had developed a highly concentrated Kombucha with a standardized amount of usnic acid. With those breakthroughs I was well on my way to introducing the weight-loss product of the new millennium.

The last thing I needed to do was test the sample of Kombucha and the usnic acid to see how they worked in the real world. I hooked up quite a few people to a special machine I bought to measure metabolic rate and took before and after readings. My staff and I found some very interesting results. We had suspected that the pure usnic acid would be superior to the Kombucha extract, but the usnic acid did not work at all’no increase in metabolic rate. After that we were a little disappointed and didn’t expect much from the Kombucha. Upon testing the Kombucha, however, we were all quite shocked to find exactly what we were hoping for’a distinct and noticeable increase in BMR.

Apparently, the usnic acid in the Kombucha is modified to some degree, which renders it much more bioavailable and, consequently, much more potent. The results we saw would have made the pharmaceutical companies working on uncoupling proteins cry, as our discovery made nearly all of their hard labor obsolete. I was prepared to introduce this product as a stand-alone weight-loss agent. As I was also working on another compound and getting some interesting results, however, I decided to be patient and examine all of the data.

The other compound is diiodothyronine (T2). I discovered it at the same time I found triac. Like triac, T2 is a naturally occurring thyroid-hormone-degradation product. It occurs in small quantities in human food and so is totally legal for sale as a dietary supplement.

How is it different from triac? Triac doesn’t raise the metabolic rate but causes a selective catabolism in adipose tissue while preserving muscle tissue. T2, on the other hand, drastically increases the BMR, thus causing the body to actually burn more calories. The interesting thing is that T2 is even more potent than T3, the more active thyroid hormone, at stimulating the metabolism. Many studies show T2’s direct effect on increasing respiration. T2 is so potent because it affects the oxidative phosphorylation system in the mitochondria.

Doesn’t the Kombucha extract do the same thing? Well, they both affect oxidative phosphorylation, but, according to the kinetic approach, there are two blocks of reactions: those generating the mitochondrial inner-membrane potential and those consuming it. The Kombucha extract affects the ‘consuming reactions’the proton leak/phosphorylating system’while T2 affects the ‘generating reactions,’ meaning substrate oxidation. Specifically, T2 affects both cytochrome C reducers and cytochrome C oxidizers. Thus, the two substances together affect all facets of oxidative phosphorylation in a manner that increases the metabolism and burns bodyfat.

The question is, Does it work in the real world? To answer it, you only have to look at the plethora of research, which clearly shows T2’s potent effects on the metabolic rate. To confirm those results in humans, we tested many people on our respiratory metabolic rate machine. As expected, the results were phenomenal, with nearly every subject showing a tremendous increase in metabolic rate.

With two incredibly revolutionary compounds at my disposal, it became my mission to find the best way to use them. I experimented with using them separately with very good results in terms of long-term fat loss; however, when I combined them, I noticed a significant synergistic effect in terms of increased metabolic rate. Extended use didn’t affect the increased metabolic rate, and our subjects lost an amazing amount of bodyfat in short order. Because the two compounds increase the metabolic rate so dramatically, they also have the potential to increase the appetite. To subdue that effect and to increase fatty acid mobilization, we found that a small amount of 1R,2S norephedrine, caffeine and yohimbine did wonders. The results from our study show a 300 to 500 percent greater fat-loss effect with the above combination than with anything else on the market. Even the uncoupling proteins that the pharmaceutical companies have been aggressively working on can’t compare to the above formula because they only affect one area of metabolism, while the above affects at least four.

Other advantages of this formula are that it’s safe and continues to work over a long period of time’although I wouldn’t recommend using it for more than four months at a stretch. Even better is the fact that it’s muscle sparing. Normally, when people lose weight, a great percentage of it is muscle mass. With this formula very little, if any, muscle mass is lost. Many of our subjects even got stronger. Remember that the Kombucha extract’and to a certain extent T2’mimic exercise in the body, so they not only burn fat but also positively affect muscle mass. The subjects who completed our eight weeks of tests became incredibly lean. Most felt as if they were in the best shape of their lives.

The only drawback about the above formula is the expense. The special Kombucha extract and the T2 are custom-made and extremely expensive. They work so well, though, that the expense is well worth it. I’ve submitted a patent application on the Kombucha extract, T2 and a host of other weight-loss compounds that I’ve developed, which should effectively prevent dishonest companies from creating inferior knockoffs that don’t work.

Currently, the only company that has a license to sell the above compounds is Syntrax Innovations Inc. The product is called Lipokinetix, and it is only available in limited quantities, so be sure to act right away and secure your supply. The new millennium is upon us’a new fat-loss era has arrived. Don’t be left behind!

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